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That's a football Friday, but we will Sprinkle in some baseball. Good kid. Now you're goes. Got his smoking hot keys to the game a little bit later on bears that Ideo Saints Now, remember, we've got the late kick here on Sunday. OK, it's the 3 25 kick. And it's going to be getting dark awfully early after tomorrow because we do change the clocks. I said, clock all back. We're going to fall back. And so it's going to get dark. Tracy Butler told us yesterday that it's going to drive it. There's going to be strong winds this weekend, including Sunday, maybe 40 mile an hour wind gusts coming out of the north was going to be chilly. Even though the year temperatures won't be bad. There's going to be enough of a win to make a windshield like about 20 called mittens, Kids. You've got mittens. Yuriko is going to be delivering his keys to the game a little bit later. We'll talk. Plenty of bears and saints will talk about weekend in the NFL. We've got Todd Furman live in Vegas an hour from now we have Mike North Bonus play at 11 45. We've got Chuck Gare fine to talk white stocks with us in about 35 minutes is it is official. We knew it was going to be yesterday. We just We're off the air when it became official. Why don't really broken the Greenie and discussed for the afternoon carried the press conference. We're going to play a little bit of that so No. At this point. None of us were shocked. We were shocked three weeks ago, right? You're came out right? When his name initially came out. It was like you've got to be kidding me, Are you? Is this a courtesy interview? That's what I thought of calling. Oh, yeah. I've got to see the paint expression of a re Konya yesterday during the press conference Now, Did you see it? Oh, no. You know me. I want some home. I'm working outside diligently repairing. Things that need to be done around the house. You know, Johnny, Andy, Man, I got your gutters getting things done. Yeah. Bring in the hoses around this time of year. You've got to do that. So I have not seen the pained expression. But I will look it up in here. Yeah. Is he uncomfortable?.

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