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Bubbles on your tongue. ME. I'm good with. Like I've grown up in my ways in some respects, may maybe mother respect. My tongue has built a tolerance to buckles. Oh my weird. Love. ME. Too like I want I just want everything to be had. I have seen the fire being a elimination challenge if They got to experience the cuisine each of the regions and they had to do something that inspired them and. I'm sure that the production nudge them to at least any we even see challenge that with people naturally select into different regions, or they want into the region so I think if I could see how they could have like adjusted it so that in that way would have felt a little bit more the nation's house, but yeah, the focus on a single ingredient does feel very quick by Mike I. Think you're right there. I wonder I wonder how they pick the regions, and did it was first-come-first-served served at four Gregory. Get like the drags because he was probably grandma teetering over with his bad back. I think these random stations. I was wondering the same thing like did you did did? Melissa has the winner of last contributed win last week, right? Yeah. I was wondering if she got shoes with stations. Or user station I or something I don't know, but I was wondering like, don't they? Just made a mad dash for the closest station we got. You got what you got. Yager got to.

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