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That's a funny way to say people you go give and this is and this was this was ice cube supposedly on on a saint who this was a district yet but i know humans talking about cat to sell out and then try to come to the black industry survey i have young surely trail i'm sure they know you was harco hip now look at yourself body in union flipflop given our music away to the mainstream don't you noting down to team they just sent the boss over put a bugging ear now you crossed over on mtv but you don't care but on mtv but they don't care they'll have a new nagging next year now you out in the cold normal white fans no more soul and you might have a heart attack when you find out the black folks don't want you back yikes so who is about i need to google jaido i gotta was mc hammer but i am mc hammer was an harker hiphop dear with your it mighty just been a blanket shot it everybody will have the producer glyn alex google that yet who was beetroot who whose ice keep dissing in be true to the game i who was he telling a true to the and i'm not saying that every black performer has a responsibility is just for the type of material i choose to do some time to my act right if you on saga berets talking about by cams vegan talk about how.

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