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Feeling encouraged. Our seven day average is about 48,000 cases per day. The seven day average of hospital admissions is just over 3900 and seven day average daily deaths have also declined to a new low of 400 per day at the White House briefing today. She also warned that virus mutations, air variants are a wild card. The birth rate in America is falling to another record low. Here's Rory O'Neill. Blame it on Cho over the economy or modern lifestyles. But the birth rate in the U. S is at a record low falling for the sixth consecutive year to the lowest level since 1979 another tough economic year. The CDC says the birth rate is so low, the nation is below replacement levels, meaning more people die every day in the U. S that are being born. It's unclear if birth rates will recover as the economy recovers from Cove in 19, I'm Rory O'Neil. With help from the public. The Highway Patrol says it has positively identified a man whose body was found early Sunday on a state highway northeast of one yet And Pottawatomie County. The man was 46 year old Leo Mooney. The third of more investigators say that he died of massive injuries. Exactly what happened to him is still under investigation. There was heavy fog and rain at the time the body was spotted by a passing motorist. A new legislative caucus will be dedicated to the state's fastest growing minority population. State Senator Michael Brooks of Oklahoma City today announced the new legislative Latino Caucus. He says the caucuses small but growing, probably in 2016. There was One Latino in the Legislature. And so in 2018, there were two And long. Behold, now in 2021. We have four and so so we're small, but we're mighty. He says the caucus will ensure that Latino voices are heard in the Legislature and that their needs and concerns are addressed. Governor State has signed a bill into law that creates a new tobacco products tax enforcement unit to track down tobacco products being sold illegally and Oklahoma and collect state taxes that are being paid. State Senator David Bullard of Durant says black market tobacco products have caused many problems for distributors and stores alike. He says the new law seeks to install the necessary technology to find where these products are being brought in. Illegally. There is a new state fire marshal. Here's Margot Maranto, Former Oklahoma City fire chief and US Fire administrator Keith Bryant has been appointed the new state fire marshal. State Fire Marshal Commissioner Mike Carlin says Bryant will bring the office to the next level. He says fire code enforcement investigation and public education on fire safety are the core of the agency's mission. And he says Chief Bryant will prove to advance them all in the future. Facebook is upholding former President Trump's suspension on the platform. However, its oversight board says the social media giant must reconsider the indefinite suspension. Facebook now has six months to reassess what the board called an arbitrary penalty from the Alan Samuels. Volkswagen Whether a studio Allen Samuels, Volkswagen, your friend in the car business, Sonny today with a high of 73. We have a 30% chance of rain later alot tonight of 53 tomorrow It's going to be sunny with a high of 76 Partly cloudy on Friday and high of 78 I Beth Myers, Katie, Okay..

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