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A w zero, and you're like they weren't even on the same day like why can't you still do this light? But yeah. He's Just a kroll. Where does he come from? What's his history like? Why is he like almost relevant? Why is that name I always hear you know. I can't. Based Party so I wanted to. It's fair. Follow. Remember which one it just put. The problem with pro wrestling in twenty twenty is and I put twitter. At that just I. She yeah I caused Yeah I got trout trod people are happy I was just like but it's changed. Everything. People's opinion you know like h changed everything that everyone needs to know what? The. Research Alvarez is just a he's. A semi retired wrestler who decided to become a publicist. By say economy very good wrestler because I don't think I've ever seen him atrophies. and. Don't. Like port link. God. Bright over as not good. Not Good. So He's been blocked GIO will no. Longer I might send you pictures of his tweets every week now just to upset you. Can join the list was Ryan Satin. Yeah. Well the you ever find out what happened there. I I think I said something he didn't like and he just walked me. Stuff people like Gerardo believe it I believe it. I've. Said this from time to time I am. Living.

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