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York governor Cuomo has announced there will be a curfew in New York City starting tonight from eleven PM to five AM as more protests are set to get underway I'm Jimmy Floyd this is All Things Considered on W. NYC one week after George Floyd died in police custody the nationwide protests continue we've got the latest from across the country this hour plus the syndrome in children that is now appearing in small numbers in children across the country and in corona virus news we consider the intersection of the current protests and the way unemployment and health crises are playing out across the country that's after news headlines live from NPR news I'm Laxmi saying attorneys for the Floyd family say an independent autopsy into George Floyd's death last week finds he died of asphyxiation due to neck and back compression it is reportedly different from the official autopsy which included other factors as contributors to cause of death today Floyd's brother Terrence went to the place where his sibling died he urged people to use their power in the voting booth rather than violence to affect change George Floyd was killed when a police officer Minneapolis captain Dion his neck for at least seven minutes despite Floyd's cries that he could not breathe video of the encounter set off nation wide demonstrations well the White House is blasting U. S. governors following a six night of riots and protests over police brutality and systematic racism in pure Sammer Keith reports president trump berated the governors in a phone call today saying most of the work week and look like fools for not using the full force of the National Guard to maintain order president trump hasn't made public remarks about the ongoing unrest in the streets since Saturday afternoon unless you count tweets but in a call with the nation's governors described by multiple people with knowledge of what was discussed trump expressed frustration with the failure to contain protests which in many cities turn from peaceful to violent and destructive he urged the governors to call in the National Guard and said if we don't have law and order we don't have a country in a particularly testy exchange Illinois governor JB Pritzker told trump the rhetoric coming out of the White House is making it worse trump responded that he didn't like Pritzker's rhetoric either Tamar Keith NPR news former vice president Joe Biden held his first in person campaign event in more than two months meeting with faith leaders at an African American Delaware church in Pierre Scott decker has more from Wilmington on the Democrats presumptive presidential nominee the corona virus had kept fighting inside his house relying on digital events in remote interviews since mid March that ended with a meeting at Wilmington's Bethel A. M. E. church but I did listen for more than forty minutes is about fifteen supporters given feedback on what he and other leaders could do to improve black lives several people criticize as the Obama administration for not doing more to lift African Americans economically and said Biden and other Democrats need to take more time to meet with and listen to younger people Biden said he'd make improving economic opportunities a big part of his administration and that he'd also increased federal oversight of local police departments Scott dentro NPR news Wilmington this is NPR news and you're listening to W. NYC in New York I'm Jimmy Floyd a city wide curfew will go into effect tonight in New York City beginning at eleven PM and running through five AM in a joint press release mayor bill de Blasio and governor Andrew Cuomo said the NYPD will also double its police presence in places where violence and property damage have occurred specifically in lower Manhattan in downtown Brooklyn where Lazio says there will be more details later stay tuned to W. NYC for all the latest meanwhile hundreds of people have filed complaints of police misconduct with New York City civilian complaint review board following the weekend of protests W. N. Y. C.'s Yasmin Khan reports this easier B. says it's received four hundred thirty complaints from the public related to protests on Friday Saturday and Sunday the agency investigates certain types of misconduct like excessive force or abuse of power but it wouldn't disclose any specifics about complaints from this weekend's protests which included police violence against protesters though C. C. R. B. officials did say at least some of these complaints came from people who flagged incidents they saw and videos on social media that's new just last week a court overturned a ruling that said the C. C. R. B. could only investigate complaints made by someone who experienced police abuses or witnessed it first hand hurricane season starts today meteorologists are predicting a busy one scientists say the region could see as many as ten storms with winds exceeding seventy miles per hour this season experts are cautioning that residents of coastal evacuation zone should be ready to stay with friends or family if they need to leave their homes but we also need to be thinking through what precautions will need to take to minimize the risk from the corona virus pandemic the hurricane came season runs through November thirtieth and tonight he will be mostly cloudy with lows in the upper fifties tomorrow mostly cloudy much cloudier than today will have highs though again in the seventies and Wednesday partly sunny with a chance of rain currently seventy degrees we have partly cloudy skies over Central Park and the time is four oh six support for NPR comes from the national endowment for the arts the federal agency that supports the arts and creativity in communities across the nation more information is available at arts dot gov it's All Things Considered from NPR news I'm ari Shapiro in Washington and I'm Elsa Chang in Los Angeles what started in Minneapolis has spread to Los Angeles and Atlanta Boston Indianapolis Ferguson Cleveland Dallas Milwaukee and dozens.

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