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Real quick. Um, I look at it like this. J. R. Um, I see. Lamar Jackson as a young deer with fresh legs. He's I am from Maryland. I am a Ravens fan. But, um, I think it's more to me. It's more John Hardball and the system that they use him in. But for five year insurance plan, like you said. Um, sure, I would take Lamar because I think John Harbaugh's We all know, And I know we love to run the football. We do We run the ball head. Um Defense. No, it's not there. I'm just I was sitting here before the call China Thanks who is a really dominant defense, even in the FC Um, the culture pretty good. Then the sea will fight you anywhere any day with what they got on the running back side of the ball and their quarterback. Our guy. He I hope he matures, you know? And like you said the total package. I would listen to you and I listen to you every night and I love you to death. But the total package No, he's not. But what I'm hoping is maybe mentally who will mature and hopefully he doesn't you know what I mean? Get broke up like RG three and Michael Vick. And, you know, like you were missing a couple others, but, um Don't know where we're going to go. I'm very happy that we want because we needed to win. Um, we still need to fight on. I don't know what's gonna happen. Yeah, like like and like you, said Barry and thank you so much for calling from San Diego. Like you said. You know this? That was ah must win. Because a lot of folks with good reason looked at the Ravens and said, Ah, Here we go. You're not even going to scratch the surface on what you did last year. And here they are. Eight and five. Don't look so damn bad now, does it? This is almost like what? We expect it. It's expected of the Ravens to go to the playoffs. That's to be expected. What are you all going to do when you actually get there? If there's no run game, If you guys can't go out there against some of the other best teams and rush for, you know, 200 plus yards on the ground. What you're going to do when you got to start slinging at rock. What you gonna do? That's the difficult part about this situation. I wasn't it. Jacob was calling from Pittsburgh. Jacob, you are CBS Sports radio. A J R big fan, So I just steal his fan. If you had to tell me at the beginning of this year that who would be a more scary opponent for the Steelers, the Ravens or the Cleveland Browns? He told me to Cleveland Browns Not gonna lie. I'd probably laugh in your face, but it in all honesty, I think, Baker Mayfield, the more dangerous quarterback. I mean this right right now, Jacob right now. I do think that because I see here's my thing. I think that everybody's starting to figure out Lamar Jackson that okay, He has quick feet, but I don't. I mean, he does not have a very good deep ball like another Steelers fan. Ben has a terrible deep also, but Lamar Jackson, he's He has really quick feet. But if you're able to get to the quarterback He can't do anything. Baker Mayfield. I mean this stuff Vance Key. He's he's completely flipped that Cleveland Browns team from a laughingstock to an actual contender. Yeah, but Jacob If he is a thing, Let's let's think about this. Let's try to dial this back into its simplest form. When the center passes or hands the ball off the baker Mayfield Baker. Mayfield has to connect with someone else pretty much. He asked to probably connect with someone several times before he can go ahead and secure a score. The minute in the second that the ball moves from the center to the hands of Lamar Jackson. That's that's a threat there all by itself. And so I mean, when you really break it down into its simplest form, to say that that Baker Mayfield right now. Is more of a threat than Lemar Jackson. You know, I can understand that if you want to say OK, laser laser laser here, first down, first down, first down. But in the case of Lamar Jackson, it's like OK, Ball snapped. He automatically got me. You know, 25 yards just with his feet. You know you look at he can dark all the way around the field and take it all by himself. It just it just makes more sense. But I also feel like that the steel I mean with Ravens. Oh, is that, uh, They do. They haven't had that strong of a schedule. Like I feel like their schedule has been one of the weaker ones. This won't No, no, no, no, no, no, I'm we're going. We're going in a different direction now. I'm not talking about a schedule. I'm not talking about a record. I'm talking about two quarterbacks. What? Well, if you're facing a good team, then you're gonna have no no, no, no, no, Mama. Mama, You're making things much more complicated than they need to be here, Jacob. I'm not talking about and I'm up against the break. Thank you for calling from Pittsburgh. I'm not talking about a schedule. I'm not talking about the talent. We have seen enough out of both of these guys coming from 2018 to know what they're good at and what they're not good at what they need to improve upon what they need to show us for the remainder of their careers. Don't matter what the schedule is, It doesn't matter who they played or where they play. It's a matter of is this guy gonna last? Is this guy going to be consistent enough? That's what it boils down to. Continue.

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