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Stories on Joe Nuxhall the old left hander the anniversary today of his major league debut at the age of fifteen if you missed our last night discussion about Chad Johnson I video of him racing a horse of course on yesterday's date two thousand and seven and more it's all there for you in one spot and it's free at seven hundred WLW dot com all right of course we're monitoring the right situation expected to draft a one hour for right now in fact with the twelfth pick overall obviously the major league draft is not as big a deal as the other drafts I I doubt many are really into the nuts and bolts of what is about to one folder no maybe the players a potentially will be drafted tonight there are a couple of notes attached to it that I do find interesting you're gonna hear from Dick Williams in just a second on an advantage that I think the rates have once the draft is over but keep in mind what's going to happen over the next two nights a year ago in the baseball draft forty rounds there were twelve thousand seven to twelve or twelve hundred and seventeen players selected twelve hundred and seventeen players selected in the draft this year there will be one hundred and sixty that's it now what happens in Spencer Torkelson the third baseman out of Arizona state has gone number one overall to the Detroit Tigers I like his living room he's got a poster of jaws and Caddyshack on the wall behind his family as they celebrate the news but here's what's going to happen that that I'm gonna find faceting I think everybody's waiting to see how this plays out once the draft is done since it's only a hundred and sixty players are gonna be drafted everybody else that is kind of thrown into the pool the undrafted pool teams can sign as many undrafted players as they like for a maximum of twenty thousand dollars so there's gonna be players who have to make choices if their high school players do why do I take this or do I go back do I go to college now what what your choices from that standpoint last year the six around guys who won't get drafted this year last year the six round the slot the the money was about two hundred and thirty to three hundred thousand dollars this year anybody who doesn't get drafted the most they can get is twenty thousand two hundred and thirty to three hundred thousand last year if you were a sixth round pick deciding for just twenty thousand this year if you don't get drafted when we continue though Dick Williams lays out the Reds philosophy going into this and what I think a.

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