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Don't code switch to know i mean and and i mini also think that there is a sort of performance of code switching that they do you know the which which is noxious and some noxious then it's not a survival mechanism in the sexually micro aggression but you know we are forced to code switch <hes> in so many different ways body language the faces so you make clear where you talk they hair you know and i think it's important to mention that. We don't judge people who switch league league. You'll love oprah barack obama and is how we get to the point where we are where we can decide not to do it. We had to do the for years and years and years. I was terrible at it faces experiment. It's interesting to even imagine without it because i am good at it and so much of my career has been being able to perform it and to think about doc having a do it sort of unimaginable crazy how much energy it takes. I i mean you know oh. It's it's it's second nature to me and i try not to try to never be outside of myself to where you know if i stepped outside. It'd be like i am. I'm embarrassed to have said that or done. That and i've definitely been the person in an all white space who was like fuck that that's bullshit avenue number. We got into oh my god. We got into a big argument. It wasn't it wasn't even harvest this silent or it was like well. We'll of somebody in the space said <hes> i'm trying to. I'm trying to describe it without fully describing where it was <hes> ha the the the comment was that we had to do something about black history month and the person said what about wait history month now my and i said so unoriginal a totally and i said that's every month but then like there was like it was like a silence bomb dislike turned around and looked back there and it was like <hes> toray iraq again spoke the truth you take me and it was it was it was debbie hurtful and yeah they were they were ready for it and we you know we deal with that sort of stuff in the office all day all day all night. So you want paper you go to work. Most of us work in spaces that are mostly white. So what do you do. I mean until the laugh to keep from crying essay that i write in the book. I talk about sarcasm so you know i've learned to adapt my sense of humor to exist assists no spaces <hes> but but also like if i get blindsided by a crazy comment it used to really drive me crazy. I used to curse people out through things all that kind of stuff. <hes> added <hes> civil everything through thinks it's amazing. You didn't well. I was a source. I mean you know the shoe like so you don't like in terms of the survival mechanism of sarcasm the survival mechanism of basically clowning somebody without coming out and saying it so the person knows that in some way hey you've resisted or you've menace them ill and settled in it. I feel and you're just sort of like you know. So one thing i also learned was a good <hes> hand hand on the shoulder so somebody was spinning out of control over effect that they got wrong that i was employed to check then i would like gently pet somebody on the shoulder and you know sometimes i was like am i being a mammy. They were just trying to keep them shaking. You and i think it was keep from shaking you because you are like you're so excited. I'm just like you need to calm.

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