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In a long list most to do that they'll roselyne the credit good taught us about two hundred ninety degree rule like oh okay that makes sense may i add your egg cells you're letting it feel hudson if you're flipping the camera angle between lake two people having a conversation you the camera should never go beyond one hundred needed agrees otherwise the audience gets confused about the relative position of the to people unless of course you're stanley kubrick and you butler a break the role shining in orient has just that these two characters are linked in some kind of mystical way all right i got to know the rules before you could break the rules we didn't negative point all right jay tell us about ilan musk's now he now he has a plan to finish satellite broadband what's his guy doing what he or she is what i love i love finding out like all of a sudden you know hey elon musk's spacex is is good good though is developing a a system of satellites is going to provide the world with broadband yo like what else is this guy do and that we don't know about so the more i learn about eu line in space access to more i love it i love it i love this company space x is like i said now trying to compete with the biggest telecom companies in the world are going to launch thousands of satellites that will provide broadband globally in it's called starlink thousands yup as we recorded show the falcon nine rocket is likely launch tomorrow february 22nd two thousand eighteen in its carrying two test satellites among us.

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