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Cool. And and San Francisco is not cool anymore. It's not new. It's filled with feces and urine and heroin pandemic. Allowed many people to work from anywhere. So it says here, why not go to a place where there's cheaper rent, more space and the possibility to slash taxes? So there's an investor quoted in a story, Keith Grabois. Was recently moved and he said, people are just happy here. At the end of the day, you meet people, and they're smiling in San Francisco. That's just not true. Because Miami Yeah, because because they don't they don't allow people to live. On the sidewalks, defecating and leaving piles of needles. It's not permitted. And there's no there's no income tax there. Regiment, Kozinski and investors said on Twitter. I've had more meetings in two weeks in Miami than the entire past. 10 MONTHS. FOUNDERS CEOs, investors email intros from mutual's new connections Everyone's down here. And that's why you're seeing some of this groundswell from people in the tech industry. Tau house Newsom, who has no idea to manage the state, No, no, he D. C. He's overwhelmed by this. He's not putting out a tweet. It says how I can help. How can I help? He has no idea. Doesn't care. Yeah, it's it's 13.3 decks raid on these guys. And even though they they're worth a billion dollars wants to pay that for what All right, coming up. Next. We'll see what happened today, with the Biden administration, rolling out their first covert 19 briefing. I don't think they're calling it a task force. But anyway, we'll see what was in it with Mark Reynolds had phrase needs to be permanently retired, among others. John and Ken Sho, Ko Phi and Layla Mohammed.

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