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E. T. T. E. R. M. E. N. T. For the betterment of you at the moment is Crawford is earl or do they gotta fight gotta fight so there's no number one right now. I mean if you want to say early unify so there is a number one so there is a number one note and not in my opinion. I Andre Ward Own. Andre War can't be calling you fucking seventy one when there's another dude and your division who's just as bad as you. He's just as bad but who's done more. How to fuck you calling us up number one and I'm the one cleaning out the division. Who would the sport bucks or in the Division and the division? We're talking about number one number one in the sport you trying to change the arguments so you wear you know we talk about your vision. Got To fight we talk about division. They heavyweight welterweight. Are they number? One that that division might not making sense of they. GotTa Fight Brooks my masters now number one to Mazdas not number one the monster the monster in new way every division every division has a clear number. One every came this guy who was asked Taylor so tell us not number one issue. So Josh tell us not number one you think Ramirez is number one even though everybody got shot to even get no chance of being an listen. That's not what I said. Listen to fight there's no clear-cut number is number one. Stop days clear. Cut Number One. I want crazy as hell. Josh Televis- tele- beat the man. Gosh tell a beat. The man was the man we just pro great. Well he wasn't may get the fuck out here was found Ridge. They've ever had any ain't nobody like regis he. Nobody reaches he fought. He fought Mike Reid to become champion or some shit like that. The does the fight before. Stop it he had to top rank. Route not read just had redesigned. The horror like you said you interviewed him. Twelve fights no pay the main. We got to see exactly mirrors by a judge. Let them know who listen. So you're telling me there's not a general consensus of number one is in every division like people don't see canal and be like Yo. He's number one but he got fired. Andre you gotTA fight Charl- No that's not how we look at it. Anthony Joshua's number one sixty anymore. Josh was number one. He got a wild. How all right whatever? It's all good. I'm not going to go back. And forth is obviously going to be other people to call in and give their opinion on it. If that's truly how you feel I can't you know I'm not gonNA argue with you like I always see your number one. In a division in an amine do Ramirez and Jocelyn each year. But who's favorite Josh Teller? Why is he the favorite because of the because of the people? He's faced Josh the favorite. He's not favor don't know the fifty fifty five are unified so the betting lines say beat up dog. Shit Hooker. Tell me the justice and just be Jose. Brother beat the dog. Sit Adam Marisha Hooker. Like I'll show him how to do that. Like hookah. Aim been showing us. He can get punched up guys. Stop Marie. I'm listening. You go with you go with artists and you're going to tell me you're saying I I think Mike. Let me finish my sentence. Get but you're not getting what I'm saying. You know what I'm saying. You jumped on word. What what what is it you say because you cut me off you jumped on one word you can get a fucking word so go ahead. Let me know. He's I made them a one in. Aj too sensitive as sensitive right. Now you mad right now because you ain't got no fucking defense with that bullshit statement and you try and you try to do that. He's trying to do that. Because he's he's bias. And I brought up to welterweight division and everybody knows that Crawford is not number one. Everybody knows that wild and fury having accomplished what? Aj's accomplice it's it's what you've done in the division now what you've done in your career what's on my number one in the division careers that you asked me the question. What is what what did what did the division of what they've done in their career fucking dumb ass question you know. We're talking about a forty-seven fucking heavyweight by fucking talking about what they did in a whole fucking life trying to draw out the argument. Because you know you're young don't manage Munigi. Don't got mad at you. Got Him out of the U. and obviously ward and care about anybody else's opinion but his own he saying they wanted to exactly by opinion but his own. That's good but at least you should have some sort of you know guidelines some sort of a parameter for people to understand barometer for people to understand how you got to that point. That's all it is by. It's been telling you add that. They gotTA fight. How do I get to a point without you knowing I said these guys gotTA fight? Jose Ramirez early in a parents Water and Joshua they gotTA fight changes be a number one of another champion and your division forgotten here. So what they accomplish doesn't matter I just want you to tell me yes? It don't matter. They need they still need to fight. It don't matter what you do. You gotTA fight. And there's another champion the vision and you you call yourself the man. You GOTTA GO SLEIGH. Today on the champion. That does my pain. So if there's four major belts and for champions and one guy fights to out of the four champions and defeats them we still need to see. Who's number one Exactly exactly take that call man. It's dudes out of control. Let's go out to the callers man. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. We all know that we can hear it is what it is. You can't be fucking number one without doing somethin' so what you do in that. Division is where the media and the fans are going to put you. That's what that's how you get there now. What you've done in your career what you're doing in the Division Andrea Ward Statement. Is You all the number one and number two? Why are you taking this fight? We don't see guys do you. Are the number one and number two in and I'm saying you can't get to any spot without doing something rankings. Move when you do something if you ain't doing nothing you ain't moving. Remember to write his five.

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