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Because this is episode ninety seven we are approaching triple digits i don't even know if something if i'm gonna do something extraordinary or special for one hundred or just follow the follow the walter payton example walter payton remember is a was a hall of fame football player one of the greatest chicago bears and when he was playing that's when all of the endzone celebration started to really take hold in the mid to late seventies when guy started to dance and spin the ball and before guys would basically spike the ball if they had a touchdown and then it just began to develop into these more elaborate kinds of celebrations to the point now where the nfl actually has a an anti celebration penalty if you celebrate too much that's seems to be kind of suggestive but or subjective i mean how what what's too much celebrating but in the midst of all that walter payton you may recall when he would score a touchdown and he scored many many many many of them and when he would go score a touchdown he would just simply flip the ball and give it to the referee no dances no spiking no big things he sort of just gave it to him and went about his business and his philosophy was you should when you score touchdown you should act like you've been there before and you plan on getting there again so there's no need for some big celebration most of the time we celebrate because this has never happened before or happened so infrequently so we have some sort of a celebration that payton's view was i intend i've been to that end zone many times and i intend to get there many times more so no need to celebrate which i thought was kind of a cool adage to live by and so that's the way i'm looking at it i'll i'm following the the walter payton view of scoring a touchdown just act like you've been there before and you're you're definitely going to get there again so maybe for the hundredth podcast we'll just pretend not pretend but will just act like hey no no big deal.

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