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I'm telling you wake up in the middle of night like i candidate we lost that game by the way utah's los atlanta not once a lot of people lost also i come out of people fleiss twice that's the trap game move on because this is you gotta help me something he and chauncey were on the show yesterday and they were talking about donovan mitchell from you chocolates and ben simmons in philly and they've both said they should be co rookie of the year a washes today oh he's nothing personal it's ridiculous king i'm like you give vote for two people with the way the voting works co put a one two and three you get certain each guy gets points for how many first place that conveyed third place votes there have been corookies of the year but that is because of math because the number it's because the numbers the numbers all came out that equal amount of points rookie year you have to pick one like a person these two right here actually remind me a lot of simmons and donovan mitchell grant hill jason kidd and nine people vote and have the people voted one way or the other half of the people go the other way so just came out to go rookie of the year i can't pick one man ranches branch oh chocolate so here mix about man now i've can't pick one they're gone with simmons thank you.

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