Centennial Olympic Park, President Trump, Real Estate Business discussed on The Bryan Crabtree Show


Breitbart dot com if you wanna watch what's happening down there bikers for trump will be at the cnn fake stream media fake news protest just across from their front door cnn world headquarters at the centennial olympic park i don't typically get involved in trying to blockade or protest anything i believe in going through diplomatic channels but since there is no accountability to media the only thing to do who is to put pressure on them to tell us the truth and if they wanna give opinion that's fine but make sure you distinguish journalism and were those lines get blurred between journalism and the true now we've you can still go on the facebook page of stop the scalping says that's stop the gal ping's all one word and you can post a video like some of these folks have done i wanna play three of those for you to give you an idea if you would like to put something up that would show on the on the screen use your smartphone doesn't have to be professional right in front of the tv prop it up may make a twenty 30second video like sandy did take a listen i proudly supporting our president can i am very disgusted with what i see daily on your news station you get man donald trump in his supporters for calling you say news yes you are this very simple i mean this this is the wisdom of the american people now you can make fun of sandy you can you know you say she satellite should just move to pakistan garrelts what am i i can hear the comments i heard it i i i heard it but would just just forget all that that that's not about making fun of people is about making fun of cnn this is about a push for the truth the truth is the most important thing this country needs it's not it's not just fake news it's fake everything the real estate business southern apart over two decades you do better by lying then you do by telling the.

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