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Barbara Brooks, Marijuana, Laurel Canyon discussed on KNX Evening News with Diane Thompson


For me, a UPS driver decides to pocket one of the packages. He's delivering a million dollars worth of illegal goods mostly marijuana seized during a bust in downtown LA those stories just two minutes away. It is nine oh five time for traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Here is Barbara Brooks. Heading into the Newhall pass five northbound for the fourteen getting word of some metal debris in carpool and left lanes. CHP on the way watch out you might see some slowing through there. Once they stop traffic, and they're clearing some boxes in studio city what one westbound at laurel canyon. They were in the two left lanes. And that's enough to jam up. Starting just before the one seventy they're on the one thirty four portion of the Ventura so watch out for a little delayed through their heading to the air. Report will give yourself a lot of extra time. You're gonna find a lot of Lay's. I on the four oh five southbound Venice boulevard past the ninety and then on surface traits all around LAX. It is just jam packed also round the airport loop, especially on the departure level and even on the one zero five it's a bit busy westbound as you approach sepulveda's eastbound one oh five still slowing down leaving the four zero five past Crenshaw. And we've got a crash actually, it's a stalled car in Pasadena. Let's hope it's not a crash on the to ten westbound before Rosemead CHP on the way to take a look west Covina were Tanis fantasies at a halt in the right lane. Slowing you down all the way back from plenty and westbound on the ten at Barranca getting word of a crash off to the right shoulder that could cost you a little bit of a problem cruiser working in Long Beach. It's a full closure the seventeen northbound at the beginning of the freeway to Anaheim street will have to detour around that closure. It goes on until tomorrow morning next report nine fifteen with more reports. More often, I'm Barbara Brooks on the spectrum twenty four hour traffic.

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