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Hills. 1 18 eastbound. It's uploaded a boulevard got a crash in the carpool and left lane. It's got your slow coming away from Woodley Avenue and in Pasadena Tooth and eastbound at Lake Avenue. Crashing the car pooling left Langer slow from the 1 34. It's all things considered from NPR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelly and I'm Ari Shapiro. 100 million Vaccine doses in 100 days. That is President Joe Biden's goal have health experts say it sounds ambitious, but it is within reach NPR's pink Wang reports from now through the end of April, the country will need to average a million vaccines the day to reach Biden's goal. Jim Blumenstock of the Association of State and Territorial Health officials says. The good news is that we're not far off. You know, we have already seen a couple of days where we've had a million mark and I guess, on average was somewhere between 708 100,000 per day. That's in recent weeks, according to a tracker from Bloomberg News, And in the last few days, that average has increased over 900,000 Day. Blumenstock says the early days of vaccine rollout were hampered by holidays and working out the details involved with training up vaccinators and giving out a new vaccine. But now around 40 days into vaccine distribution, you know we're stepping out of that start up phase. And broadening our capabilities and capacities and hopefully we will be able to administer more doses to larger groups of people over time. Claire Hannan is head of the Association of Immunization Managers to get to 100 million doses in 100 days, she says states need a major surgeon vaccine supply and reliable projections on what to expect a few weeks out. Items plan includes better communication on allocations and working to increase supplies of the vaccine along the other things needed to administer it. In the meantime, hand and says changes have been made that are making vaccine administration go faster. States have been slammed for being slow to give out the doses they've received. But that's shifting. We're not prioritizing it as finely as we were. The majority of states have opened it up. To either over 65 or over 75. Nationwide. There are around 50 million adults 65 older, which means that the pool of vaccine eligible people is now way bigger than the supply. Hannon says that many places air also scheduling appointments ahead of time without knowing for sure they'll have enough vaccines to cover them. That's annoying for people whose appointments get canceled or pushed back. But it does mean there's always someone ready to fill a no show spot. We have to be vaccinating the maximum out we can per day and the only way to do that. Over schedule. Julie Swan, a supply chain expert at North Carolina State University, says 100 million shots won't actually cover that much of the population at a very high level. We might expect that these 100 million doses might fully cover 40 million people with another 10 million or so getting a second does or first does if you add it to the number of people who've already been vaccinated. It still means less than 20% of the U. S population would be getting shots in 100 days. Some people are now saying 100 million doses in 100 Days is not ambitious enough. Here's Louisiana. Borio, who served as a covert 19 advisor on Biden's transition team. Don't even see it as a target is it has a floor and I think that you'll see a lot of activity around fixing the distribution of vaccines to make sure that there is very little Delta between what's available for use and what's actually being administered. What's clear, experts say, is that vaccine distribution needs to increase rapidly well beyond the 1st 100. Days. Ping Wang NPR news To Germany now where the government is expected to put the country's largest right wing opposition party under surveillance. This means several dozen politicians in Germany's parliament may soon be monitored for racist and other unconstitutional behaviors that threatened Germany's political system. NPR's rob Schmitz reports. In German. It's called the For Fasting shits. If you translate the name literally. It's called Agency for the Protection of the Constitution. Melania Moniz Berlin bureau chief of the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel. She says. The fall fashion shoot is on the lookout for potential threats to Germany's democratic constitutional system. This agency has the power and not only to do surveillance on French groups, domestic terrorist threats But also to keep an eye on any political institution like a political party. The driving force behind the creation of the agency and its surveillance powers were the American led allied forces who after World War two helped write a new German constitution with an eye towards preventing the return of Nazi ideology. That's why the very first article of the Constitution guarantees the right to human dignity. And now the fall fashion shoots is on the verge of making an unprecedented move, placing Germany's largest right wing opposition party, the alternative fur Deutschland, or a F D under surveillance for violating that very article of the Constitution. This comes nearly a year after a far right faction of the FD, known as their flu eagle was put under surveillance by the for fashion shoots for the same reasons, a man who has written a book about the A FD says In its report, The agency provided examples of politicians denigrating Muslim migrants to Germany, for example, they were all treated as potential terrorists. They were the humanized the speeches they were compared to animals. A hefty politicians also trivialized Germany's Nazi past. Because I'm sugarfoot of age. Speaking at an FD event in 2017, the leader of the feudal faction beyond hacker called the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. A monument of shame, believe a finder. It was a year later, a hefty parliamentary leader, Alexander Gallant, like in Germany's Nazi era to a speck of bird droppings and more than 1000 years of what he called successful German history. Remember, I'm short video. I I ft off wonders about off. If you look at how the FT has been behaving for some time Now it's clear. It's acting against our democracy and our constitution. Social.

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