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Rowen king fucking my year. We got a dorm director smith. He was the biggest. How give me kicked out of school. Right so i bet you got brought into the office because i guess i was said i was bullying other students or whatever lords chatting happened yet having like my last week school. Whatever this is like the first month they you. Your name's around. He began report. So you whatever whatever and like i will vote as alcohol also like water bottles and i would write will juice like oh shit so they were bottles like alcohol remnants or whatever. Yeah w j what the fuck is so. Why they're both the shit right. And so they rob me. I think in the meeting. And that's the only reason. I didn't get five side. I think i really pin got. Like i really just one fucking leonardo shit like i just went back and like all you know like the office is kind of filled with women and let my director. The only negative there could tell was bush's humans descended according to for having issue going over them so they scrap or whatever it's allow site in the fucking all hallway monitor listening called on as the ra. Walks james earl. Right sees the book.

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