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Yeah he says there has to be passionate involved in thou sure there's tons of passion and i know every time i get around you know guy pio trainers i learn stuff and so it's fun for me to be around trainers that are passionate about what they do and you know in an and are able to you know are able to teach each other things you know so you know we you know there's there's a lot of for me there's a lot of respect that goes into competing any you know reasonable sport i mean nowadays you have all kinds of sports popping up and they really do calling him sports and that was gonna be my neck's that was gonna be my next question actually is i would have to assume because psa's such a new sport in relation to you know a lot of the other ones that have been around for way longer i would have to assume that you catch a lot of hate from other sports right i mean because i would have to assume that you're taking members from the ipo community from the french ring community from the montiel ring community and they're saying psa's way fucking better i'm going converting you know what i mean so do do you see any of that or is it is it the sport community is just together i can't there's there's price if that was the case there a you know just like in every aspect of life there's so much tribalism right so if you're in the french ring drive here dedicated ps as a bunch of rednecks together.

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