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The crash confidential, So no names have been released. Counselors, social workers and psychologists will be on hand this week as they were on Saturday to help students who are grieving. Stephanie Davis W W. J NEWS Radio 9 50 investigation underway in Harper Woods after a woman was found dead. This weekend, Officers called to a home on Woodside. You're Kelly of morons around 12 45 this morning A 37 year old woman was found deceased. Cause of death under investigation. Anyone with information you're asked to call Harper Woods Police Or call Crimestoppers with your anonymous tip at 1 800 speak up. W W News time 704 the numbers keep climbing. With the Corona virus in Michigan. More than 115,000 people have had confirmed cases since mid March. But state health officials reporting more than 90,000 people have also recovered, including an additional 5000 this past week. The chief medical executive doctor Journey, Kell do warns that this virus can impact everyone in different ways. But there's evidence that some people have inflammation of their heart, something called mile card itis, which can also have significant long term consequences. And Children are not spared from this disease. Either. Studies show that while Children are less likely to get severely ill from covert 19, they still can and they can also pass it on to others, including adults. Pal Doon says some people will have no symptoms, while others who had a prolonged recovery. I've had two had lung transplants or go on dialysis. Verona is really that's the new ad campaign. You may have seen up on billboards around town as well. Those TV encouraging young people on why they need to mask up and to keep social distancing with this pandemic. At a scene a spike in covered cases on campuses around Michigan. Bt E. Energy CEO Jerry Anderson among business and community leaders, appointed by the governor to oversee this campaign. He was speaking about it on this week's edition of Michigan Matters. People have been hearing you know where a man's social distance and they were just shedding it. And so we concluded that we really needed to encourage people to hang in there, but we needed a new way to do that, And we needed a way to do that. That that would reach the demographic that was driving the cases. Michigan matters every Sunday morning at 11 30 on CBS 62 as the fight against Cove, it continues. One community is also fighting back. Against mosquito borne diseases. Here's W W James Greg Woman Warm Air Jim Fats says he's determined to do everything it can to provide residents with extensive measures to protect them against West now virus Zika and Eastern equine encephalitis, along with other mosquito and tick related illnesses. About, says the second application of a mosquito control briquette repellent has been applied to more than 17,000 City catch basins. Over the last decade, Michigan has become the second largest state for deaths through the West, now virus they State Health Department has also reported 20 confirmed cases of Tripoli. File says some advice to avoid mosquitoes avoid outdoors from dusk to dawn without protection. Cover up even when it's hot and use insect repellent to protect exposed skin or clothing. Greg Bowman w W. J News radio 9 50 heated words and worn as two groups protest it and rallied across from each other along Hoover Road at this weekend. Several groups led by the group. Detroit will breathe gathering in support of a black family that's had their home and vehicles vandalized and shot up across the way. Another group From a back the blue campaign. Yelling and screaming, to be sure, but police say there were no arrests. Still to come this morning on W. W. J. The deadline is looming in auto talks in Canada. I'm a little beat reporter Jeff W. W. J News time is seven away traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the eights. We checked the roads. It's early Sunday with Marty. But Fellini Endless rows are looking really good. We're using the triple A jam cams to make sure of that responsible By really florist. We have no crashes right now on Sunday morning, very, very light traffic values, and we also have a lot of construction, too. Plenty of orange barrels up along at West found I 96 especially in Jeffrey three way because it's closed from the Davison to outer drive until five o'clock tomorrow morning, including all the ramps in the area. Easy detour is simply take westbound. I 96 local lanes He's found I 94 from Trumbull to brush the right. Two lanes are closed at five tomorrow morning. Cell phone telegraph at the lodge. You will find just one lane open until three o'clock this afternoon. He's found I 94 the ramps are closed to I to 75 in both directions till about noon today. Is it river floors during their free cushion event. Sale price Seeing on Caris stand carpet flows Free Deluxe cares there in carpet cushion. That's an 8 50 per square yard Valu sell and soon at river floors in Bloomfield Hills. In the 24 hour Traffic center. I'm Marty, Buffalo. Any W W J NEWS RADIO 90 as we look at the W W. J AccuWeather forecast with meteorologist Matt Bands Plenty of sunshine and dry conditions to round out the weekend for today, Look for high 10 for this afternoon.

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