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So we had last Thursday and Friday that was crazy. And then we got yesterday Democrats from the hill dot com DEM seek to rein in calls for impeachment. Yeah. Because you don't have anything. There's nothing there. There's no obstruction of Justice. And and we all let you tried to make it sound like there was because Muller obviously, made that a political document, especially that portion of it or the ten instances there were no ten instances of restriction of Justice. Stop it. I hate to say it, but Piers Morgan who is not illegal genius pointed out people look at it and say, so he didn't commit a crime. So you're saying that he obstructed Justice by not committing a crime to obstruct Justice to obstruct the Justice department from investigating something that he knew he was innocent of and the prosecutor found that he was innocent of. And now your goal is to impeach him for something. He did legally because you don't know what his intent was even though all the evidence shows his intent was he was ticked off because he was being unfairly accused of something you're really going to go with that. Go ahead. And we always knew you, and I talked about this and said, the democrat leadership isn't going to be for this. Now, you have all the democratic candidates saying, well, we should take steps now. And we need to keep the investigation going. His Pelosi said, well, yeah. Of course, that's what you're going to say. Because you wanna give hope you still want to give that last bit of hope to those on the left, the belief Trump committed collusion. Yeah. You can't reverse what you have built this entire house of lies. You can't go and just tear it down and to what John Brennan did one day and said, oh, I guess I got bad information. Brennan Trump committed treason, Trump is a Russian operative from oh. Never mind. Yeah. Hey, let's get this guy on his going to be a regular contributor to our channel to our program. He's the former CIA director of he says it has to be true. His sources tell him his sources tell him and then the Monday morning after the Friday Mullah report came out. He says, oh, I guess I didn't get good information. Dude. You're so fired. Not only are you fired. You always money Menominee us back on in a couple days. Let's get the expertise from the guy who's been wrong for the last two year. Right. Had been information. My bed. Any in that same conversation? Well, I'm glad I'm glad is not colluding with Russians unplanned. That's a good thing. That's a positive. Yeah. You're missing the whole point. It's just insane. How this is. But I like playing the audio cut from you know, Giuliani over the weekend the liberals were ponding on it. So what if we get, you know, basically, I'm paraphrasing here. So what if we got information from the Russians are so what if anybody gets information from the the Russians and Joe Scarborough, for example, now the president is it's okay to get information from China to go after different candidate. Well. Do you not understand what we're talking about? Because the DNC and Hillary campaign got information and propaganda and distant and lies and disinformation from the Russians to use against a presidential candidate. It's all that. That's the most unbelievable thing of it all that. We've talked about a hundred times that the elephant of the what they accused Trump of and what they were accusing him about what Giuliani believes now is exactly what they did. And they just never mentioned it. As if it doesn't exist. It's well here we go to the supreme court today will consider of the whole citizenship and the census. Yeah. I I would love to hear comments during that process. That's going to be interesting to I guess read between the lines and see what the ultimate decision is. And the commerce secretary simply said, no, we want to add the citizens through question, are you citizen of the United States? Therefore, we can separate the citizens from a non citizens and the left is upset because they believe that non-citizens should have representation in congress. Right. They say they are against it. Because they don't want someone to be intimidated by the census, takers. But the fact of the matter is is that they want that representation in those districts. I I want accuracy in the census. And I believe that our congressional representation should be decided on citizens. Yeah. And I bet you the vast majority of Americans agree with me. I'm guessing otherwise I would say that I wouldn't say that if it was the opposite way if I believe. That they didn't agree with me. I would say the vast number of people who aren't Americans. That's what we're talking about here should Americans should Americans be represented or everyone, and if everyone should be represented than it means open borders, and congress is represented by anybody who's able to get in here illegally and American citizens to guess, right? But anybody who comes in here illegally has as much representation as any American citizen. Anybody believe that's the correct way that our congress should should be formed and our congressional districts, and how many congressional districts we should have by the number of legal immigrants that you have in your state gives you more congressional districts. I don't think the majority of Americans would agree with that. Now, it's interesting to see that Republicans or the Democrats are moving we want a direct democracy. So we believe that every illegal immigrant should have that direct line to our democracy too. Right. Tell me where I'm wrong. So that citizenship question before the supreme court today will be really looking forward to I'm assuming oral arguments would be today. I'm looking forward to see how to read Scotus blog later on today. Yeah. After this after that the comments during those arguments are some of the it doesn't always tell you where it's going. But certainly it's part of that discussion, and it's always intriguing. Socialist students at the university of Texas San Antonio encourage followers to stop by the group's breadline. Oh, come by our breadline today. We'll be giving out free sandwiches in front. I guess the student union for another hour so come by before we run out. The young democratic socialist association chapter at US UTSA tweeted out on April ninth. Mhm? The tweet calls attention to the common stereotype of socialist countries at a time when the far left in American Democratic Party is advocating for socialist policies. And it's interesting that they actually talk about the fact join our breadline if you want a kid that weight that's a great way to kit. Sure, if you wish that fun that way or you believe that you are mocking we capitalist. Go ahead. Yeah. Because you're not it's actually an accurate stereotype of where socialism ends up. And and what do you mean run out before we run out? No, no, no, no, no, no. You can't ever run out. You have to feed them. That's true. Certainly you have plenty of money, right? That's not an issue taking care of everyone would not be an issue. Oh, wait a minute. Maybe we make the sandwiches smaller. Maybe we limit. Well, ability, we ration. Here's here's the problem. Here's the problem with socialists. Yeah. And we said this before when you know, people have said, well, many more Americans approve of socialism. No, we don't we approve of gimme ISM. We don't like socialism, though, we don't like having a pay for it. We only liked the freebie part of it. So we're really not true, socialist, we're Guinness. And so we've talked about in fact, we've advocated today that the philosophy of gimme as represented by the free life party here in America. That's right, everything free. But another example of why even some of the most socialist parts of our country, actually, don't believe in socialism a Bill that would have slapped a statewide tax on sugary drinks in California. Stalled yesterday. When the lawmaker authored it shell the legislation until next year. Okay. The tax would have been two cents per fluid ounce on soda and other sugar sweetened beverages. Such as teas and sports and energy drinks. It seeks to use tax revenue to help programs to combat diabetes and other chronic health conditions. It was opposed though. By the way. How can you? You know, we talked about this with the, you know, the legalization of marijuana in many of these states, and California and all this. If you want to take out that urge to have sugary drinks and sugar candies and things like that. How can you be advocating for pot growing, right? Can't do that. What about the concept of the munchies? Mm isn't that something that we have to deal with a serious in a serious way any substance that creates the munchies right makes you hunger? For crap food. Shouldn't that be forget about getting high? What about the Munshi effect should the Munt Munshi effect be banned while they'll probably come up with these legal marijuana shops, guaranteed not to you get high. But you don't get the munchies over once that. That's half the fun. Sit around and eat candy bars all day. I don't want to diet drug. Imagine. Okay. Eric and Gary dispensary all of these make you more productive in life. No, no, no, no. I don't want that. These are these are marijuana edibles with speed. So that's the way these make you more productive in life more inclined to save money and be responsible for yourself. No. I don't want that. When a man something else. Please believe Huey Lewis sang about that. Exactly. Yeah. Wait a minute. What? No. Can you imagine that though? Because they run the drive the drug that makes you it makes you feel better healthier. And it makes you more responsible. Yeah. What imagined because what was the drive? I'm really all about getting high. Right. Yes. Just getting high. Well, all right. We're going to have a drug here. This would've legalize it. It'll make you more productive and response. Now, see you would think that would be the natural inclination of man to to look for something, man. I want something to make me better at work to be able to excel in life and be more productive and responsible. That would be the thing everybody go. Oh, man. I want that. No. I want something that makes me want to stay home are drug in key increases, your work ethic. That's right. No, no. I can't have that. No, no. What else you got the the be responsible? I'll tear of my own college expenses drug, right? No. I want something that makes me set at home and wonder what would happen if I started the wizard of Oz movie at the same time. I started a Pink Floyd album. That's what I got anything like that..

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