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I'll be here one more night tomorrow night and I want to say thank you for the opportunity. It's always thrilling and exciting and fun and interesting. And I learned a lot. So thank you again. The phone numbers 617254 10, 30 or triple 8929 10 30. And for those of you want to connect with me going. Certainly my website Jordan rich dot com. I have a new book out that I'm really proud of. It's called on Air. My 50 year love affair with radio and all proceeds benefit Boston Children's Hospital, So I invite you to check that out as well. So this got my attention it made a bit of news is well representative Emanuel Cleaver. Sounds like a nice gent. The name like Cleveland might have. Ah, Father named Ward and a mother. Never mind anyway. He closed the congressional opening prayer, which is Ceremonial, and it's done regularly by Congress. People and And by chaplains and so forth. It marked the swearing in of the 117th Congress. What was interesting about the prayer was thean ending, and I think it makes more sense to just play it and let you hear it. And then we'll talk about it. Rob, we ask it in the name of the monotheistic God. Right and God, known by many names by many different faiths. Hey, man. And a woman. Okay? Amen. And a woman. Before I talk about the amen part. It should be. If it's amen, and you're making a pun. It should be a women. It's always bothered me, by the way the woman women thing, it's women, plural woman singular, but that's not the point. The point is the word. Amen. Is synonymous with religious activity because it has nothing to do with gender. Amen does not mean a man or several men. Amen is based on the Hebrew on main, which sort of relates to the word truth. And it's um, a celebration of awareness of understanding. At the close of a prayer. I mean, you know how many people in our audience know what I'm talking about, Everybody No, the congressman Suggested later. I guess that he was making a pun because the outgoing chaplain is a woman. But it didn't sound like there was any. It's a strange place to throw upon and I throw puns everywhere. Amen. A woman. Um And I just thought Oh, my gosh. Is that the way we're going to start 2021 with Adam logical disaster. Like that. And I was doing a little research into dumb things that politicians say See if I can find this year. And and, of course, everybody's playing with gender terms, of course, but the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, politicians say. Let me go Find it again. I got to see if I can quote this. Um, let's see might have been the one where a particular congressman I forget where he was from was interviewing a general one of our military. About I think Guam, the island of Guam and putting a base or adding Armaments to the island, and the politician said something to the effect Well, if we put too much weight on one side of the island Won't the island tip over. Remember that one folks. Some things that politicians say. Um, So that's the one that really stands out. But this one today, the Amen and a women Man, that's that's right up there. Um And there was so many examples of that, anyway. I just thought I'd pass that along. So we were earlier talking about more important issues than a men and a woman and that, of course, deals with the election and also with the vaccine. We talked in the early portion of our one on night side about The idea of vaccine core comprised of college age students. In the health care area and other areas to help support the effort. That was a very positive idea brought up by the U mass folks and I heartily endorse it. And then we started talking, of course about the election and Trump and the famous now phone call between Trump in the secretary of state. And we've had a lot of reaction on both sides of the aisle on all sides of the aisle. But if you're like me and you believe That we can always do better. We can always improve the election process and we have to really focus on the election process going forward, But the election is not going to Go the other way and be overturned. There's too many wheels in motion, and there is just isn't enough hard evidence. And do I think the president was criminal and his phone call suggesting Go find me the 11,000 votes? No, He just says a lot of stuff and it comes out. The way it comes out. But I do believe he's grasping at straws here and is kicking and screaming to the finish line. Um But it doesn't suggest for a second that we can't do better. That was my thought on the subject. You may disagree. Let's go to some phone calls. 617254 10 30 Glen. My goodness. I was waiting all week last week for you to call And there you are. Yeah. I do, and I'm not 12. When I put the night you had any craft the kind I wish you had told me. I called two hours over here and I would have called back she was, said Glenn. You know, it's always with Glenn. It's always Inside baseball stuff. He's my favorite person. I understand. I understand what? Well, we'll definitely alert you when I have a certain person on anytime in the near future. What What's on your mind tonight? Know what's on your mind tonight, Glenn Who, uh On the trump thing. I do believe if you in your mind believe that you're right. You have a right to fight to the bitter end, and I wish to God that Trump would inflict vote, the Insurrection Act and do milk, limited martial or conference. Kato's machines also convenient. Immediate software machines go inside those things final with the what's inside them? You realize what you're saying? Right? You you want him to use the military? Yes, to to, uh Yeah. Invoke some kind of martial law. Do you know how that would go over? Yeah, I know it would. It would take off food. The typical suspects black lives matter and antifa. And they'd be throwing you and at the cops. I mean, thank you. Guard. I get that you have the kind of uprising that you haven't seen since. I don't know when, but that's that's what you're you're gonna pick up. What? You believe it. I know I'm not gonna apologize..

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