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They are unreal. The play calling in this football game, I mean, look, these are two good defensive coordinators in Kansas City and buffalo, Leslie Frazier. I'm blanking on the guy's name. He coached the rams. Steve spagnolo, and Kate city. I knew his name. I did know it. I just couldn't remember for a second. These are good defensive coordinators. I might become head coaches and they I mean, look, Brian Dale and Eric gave me were dialing up great play call after great play golf to great play calls. It was kind of headache inducing to watch. It was like, this is just amazing offensive football. And I think both guys, Brian table and Eric B enemy are gonna become probably head coaches during this off season. I would be shocked if Brian Gable didn't leave. And I want to give a special shout out to the Kansas City offensive coordinator, Eric B enemy, because the chief's offense does so many different things. There was a play where it was fourth down and they ran play action and then like a sprint right where mahomes flipped the ball to jerick McKinnon. I don't even know how to describe that play. It was crazy play to sign. Or think of how many times watching Kansas City this year, you saw Blake bell or Travis Kelce, take a snap under center or in the shotgun at quarterback. Or all these crazy screens and looks in the wild play designs. I mean, the underhand flips. Like they do so many different things and if so many multiple looks in Kansas City and really what that's a testament to is great coaching. You got to give credit to Eric the enemy because it's one thing to have cool ideas. Like you can draw up a good idea on paper. A lot of people can go, what if we did this and what if we did that? I think of in Dallas a little while ago where they tried to run a trick play where you threw a slant and the receivers crossing the field then through a lateral back across the other side of the field and it's one thing to call it. It's another thing to actually execute the play at a high level. Kansas City to their credit. Not only do they call a lot of crazy wild impressive different looks, but they execute them at a really, really high level. And that is a testament. To the discipline and the great coaching at in Kansas City, especially with Eric B enemy, that's executing at a really high level. And I really, really, respect and admire what's going on in Kansas City this year, especially with the way they call plays and the way they execute those kind of crazy plays they call. Now, I want to give a tip of my cap to buffalo because. I.

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