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That sugar consumption has been the cause has is the cause of our obesity epidemic and then subst let me diabetes but a i believe that the evidence for this is pretty weak when the city of san francisco wanted to add warning labels to soda con submitted an expert report on behalf of among others the american beverage association he wrote quote there is no scientific consensus that added sugar including added sugar in beverages please a unique role in the development of obesity and diabetes so if we looked as an analogy for example to cigarette smoking and tried to make the link between sugar and obesity or diabetes and cigarette smoking to cancer and say well okay what's been what's the differences okay what are the differences in the cigarette smoking realm the lowest snow looking rate produced an enormous incidence of lung cancer and the highest rate of smoking i was just simply off the charts in terms of the likelihood of developing lung cancer conversely with sugar consumption is less than a twofold increase at the highest levels this gets into tricky territory is concept as some studies do find a twofold increase in diabetes at highest rate of sugar consumption but other analyses including one by robert lusty egg argue that it's considerably higher that said the relationship between sugar and obesity is nowhere near as strong as the relationship between smoking and lung cancer according to the national institutes of health even late smoking results in a ninefold increase the next when is something called temporarily in other words is there association in time between sugar consumption and obesity so that held pretty true from about 1985 to the year two thousand where there was as obesity levels went up sugar consumption went up but thereafter starting in the year two thousand even to today sugar consumption has declined somewhere around fifteen to twenty percent whereas obesity rates continue to rise we don't see that at all with smoking the analogous situation in cigarette smoking rises cancer rises cigarettesmoking declines cancer declines this of.

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