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Problem at all. All in this neighborhood. This was an isolated incident related to that residents between people who knew each other today. The police department announcing this is a murder suicide case, the couple's son is now in the custody of relatives. Sheri, small WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty and the state's high court this week will hear the appeal of a young woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter after sending texts to our suicidal boyfriend urging him to do it to kill himself. La- judge found the shell Carter caused Conrad Roy's death back in two thousand fourteen. But again, this is her appeal will be following it for you closely here in the newsroom it's game. Over for half a dozen people accused of running an illegal gambling, money laundering operation Carl Stevens on this story this according to the state attorney general's office was a big operation. They confiscated several dozen slot machines and more than one hundred forty thousand dollars in cash. Six people in a Swansea. Based company have been indicted charged with legal gambling and money laundering. Among other things this allegedly occur. Erred in a number of locations across southeastern mass. The company is called television. Those indicted are Clifford Wilson of Dighton DO data Faria a Fall River, John Kamara of Somerset and tone Oliveira seventy five years old a Fall River and the Tertia and Mario to Shera of Fall River Carl Stevens WBZ, News Radio ten thirty and coming up in just a few minutes here. What workers are stealing on the job? Jeff Brown without story next over right now. Tom Cuddy in the ace, hticket dot com sports studio. No days off for the patriots this week Thursday night football colts here already a quarter of the way through the season. That was quick Tom Brady is just a big. It's a long process. It's a long season. We've only played four out of the sixteen and hopefully, we're a lot better in October, and we weren't September. And we're gonna need it because we face some good competition and Tom Brady elements back with the team Bruins. Tori crew left ankle injury walking boot now reevaluated in three weeks season opens Wednesday Red Sox awaiting the winner of. Yankees athletics that games Wednesday. Adam Schefter reporting rob gronkowski ankle injury. Not serious but likely out Thursday night baseball National League brewers win the central division. Three one over the cubs. Dodgers in rocky scoreless. Tom Cuddy, WBZ radio. Sports. Just say,.

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