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Powerful testimony before lawmakers on the fbi's handling of sexual abuse claims against former women's national team. Dr larry nassar plus the challenges. The biden administration is facing over workplace vaccine mandates. Well there's some businesses who say that they don't believe it is the role of the federal government to determine whether or not employees should be vaccinated and emotional support for your pets. It's wednesday september fifteenth. I'm marie for totally for the wall. Street journal this is the pm edition of what's news the top headlines and business stories that move the world today. Four of the world's top gymnasts gave scathing testimony before the senate judiciary committee today excoriating the failures of an fbi investigation into sexual abuse by former women's national team. Physician larry nassar nassar was accused of abusing hundreds of women and girls over decades and is currently serving ineffective life term in prison after pleading guilty to seven counts. Elite gymnasts michaela maroney. Aly reisman simone. Biles and maggie nicols were identified by federal officials as potential victims in two thousand fifteen but a justice department. Inspector general report released back in july acknowledged that f. b. i. Field agents disregarded the gymnasts and later made false statements to cover their mistakes today. The four athletes gave emotional accounts. Of how the fbi's failure to act left a lasting impact. What is the point of reporting abuse if our own. Fbi agents are going to take it upon themselves to bury that report in a drawer. They had legal legitimate evidence of child abuse and did nothing over the past few years. It has become painfully clear. How a survivors healing is affected by the handling of their abuse. And it disgusts me. That we are still fighting for the most basic answers and accountability over six years later as the lone competitor and the recent tokyo games who was a survivor of this hor- i can assure you that the impacts of this man's abuse are not ever over or forgotten for many hundreds of survivors of larry. Nassar this hearing is one of our last opportunities to get justice. We ask that you do what is in your power to ensure those that engaged in wrongdoing are held accountable under the law reporter. Louise radnofsky was the hearing. There were a lot of questions in the senate hearing about why. The agents from the indianapolis field office had not been criminally charged. Fbi director christopher wray referred those questions to the justice department who he said had declined to prosecute and the justice department did not send the attorney general or the deputy attorney general or another figure to the hearing more. Broadly there to raise said that he wanted what had happened to become a kind of training exercise for f. b. i. Agents and something that they studied very closely as part of the bureau's attempt to make sure that it never happened again. He apologized the victims and the senators discussed a number of different ways. They would like to see anti-abuse measures in sports over hold. That was a smaller focus of this particular hearing. but it's certainly a matter of ongoing interest. Today's hearing comes. As insurers of usa gymnastics and the us olympics and paralympic committee are weighing proposed four hundred twenty five million dollar settlement between the organizations and hundreds of nassar's victims. Some of the gymnasts lawyers also called for separate action against the fbi. The biden administration has been pushing for kobe. Nineteen vaccine boosters to combat the delta variant but a food and drug administration report could put the brakes on the plan in a report released today. The fda said that current vaccine doses provide adequate protection from severe illness and death at the end of the week and outside panel of scientific advisers will analyze the report and make a recommendation on whether to authorize boosters for the general population in two thousand eighteen. Facebook changed its algorithm to boost meaningful social interactions with friends and family known as ms is and make the site a healthier place but according to a wall street journal investigation company documents show. The opposite happened. Content on the platform became more divisive. The investigation also shows that. Ceo mark zuckerberg was aware of that but resisted proposed fixes reporter keach hagi has more on zuckerberg's response from the documents. We could see that. He was definitely reluctant to make any big changes. Who's willing to do a little bit of testing He was willing to roll out some changes in what they called. At risk countries like ethiopia and myanmar but was really reluctant to make changes. That would hurt. And as i which was the all important measure of engagement and sort of what they were organizing the company around around this time we have spoken to several these executives about it and their main points are any algorithm is going to have its problems. Any algorithm is going to risk giving some folks who wanna game at a leg up. And that's why we have an integrity team in the integra team is in fact the group that made a lot of these reports that we saw that were flagging the problems. So that's one thing and their broader point really is look we didn't create divisiveness in society. It was there before facebook..

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