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A dated differently than clinics in the engineering side of it was really really good the the user interface side of it was i would say actively user hostile for reasons the completely understand but the the daytoday using slurs was painful but the actual technology behind it was really really really well engineer oh i can't believe i i am i never use he big iron eunuchs series way widows university the machines were like hp you ex workstations and so on qatarbased ls on one of these things is the say was ever the orbit of my using turbo seishiro bill t tadic's that you're why would teach years edges but that was i i never did anything even remotely serious many of these devices so didn't know anything about it but not that's that's interesting i mean i'm orico basically ball java well i have i have heard it said and i found these convincing the oracle basically boss drive with the intention of serene googling the ground and getting billions of dollars for it on the absolutely fi yeah i mean i've heard many things about the acquisition part of it i think was my askew well annoyance so the you can't buy postcrash right so that was the one opensource database they could buy yaowen do with what they wished in i think that probably brought some people they're great joy and java obviously was the other one that i think you know it almost at this point would have behooved google to buy sun just to avoid the gia the lawsuit but obviously hindsight 2020 on that one year while exactly i mean this is one of those who one of the things that is that how the world would have paid i have we done this but the toy when so as we inventing all these cool technology was out of stuff they trace in as fast and so on and so forth people said please put monroe rail opensource license so we can use manilaq slow now we could ease the cuddly instead here days but would have dared to use it now those things are kind of got away we'd never going to get.

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