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A scheduled after four o'clock is former state representative doug jabotinsky they put an op ed piece in the paper the other day talking about the national grid rate increase but he says the conversation oughta be a different one about the dilemma and so he's got his own point of view on that it will hear from him and get your reaction to to 438 wpro i do wanna get to some of this of the know former sec lawyer slash forbes writers less commentator ted side dell who you know in a printed story online that go look a problem was talking about now running for office terror picked it up today he's gonna join me a three or five tomorrow his that gets a further clarification which he's like floating this idea that he would run for attorney general just to investigate the hedge fund situation that he jess gina raimondo's responsible for and a billiondollar financial heist in the state the wall street in europe to sell off and i know what i'm interested in the dynamics of their conversation of red what is written in in in large part i i'm it is not my field of expertise some open minded about the allegations but you'd bibi a florida residents you know i'm thinking about running to prove my point now that i've got fifty million dollars in my back pocket because it just got the settlement earnings from the sec and some investigation i was noon bob with is weird weird weird weird weird weird so all were minimum wage that in i might just hours might be a is if you have something you wanna say about the jump on right now guy i think there's a whole bunch of other things i wanted to get to today's world but it's just been on my mind today it's like if you're gonna go go you know you know what i'm talking about running for governor thing it's something i i think about from timetotime i'm tongueincheek and maybe nonsomalis but it needs to come and go in but when you're when you're a player and your charging um you know biggest crime financial criminal law and singing a ron and or your mind what what what was the trigger that you'd you got a burpee you that my go away you you know what you were going to say what are you.

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