Nato, Yossi Gal, Blair discussed on Double Toasted Podcast - What Up, Son?! - September 4th, 2017


You can see she's a little sliding come on direct like unease the angels now being out there looking for the level i think it's party any ramp what you so karma i'm with ours she just because nato judgment abided by their behavior you judging by what people do to them what they do the other levels of foot the bill you judging by their behavior fought that what they do i don't know what the behavior was for their now like i said this dussehra key exit use he's very cackling what he did so whatever he earth earth two grams that role there are some sociopathic shit going on right it's it's weird me him so i do i think it's so funny but hey you know there's there he jassem bill his muslim brotherhood yossi gal see now arm leg i am glad that are only going out here on on that get i hope these cycles your brother blair somebody to get back they were torme i support could not stand not too much ria again on audio make me mayors but i'll be glad you're here though anybody wants me to plug their debra sweet revenge me broadcast i'm looking for this guy don view daniel you've done okay okay i know i'm a new woman i turned over new leaf everything bad for years here are we get out of here we'll see contact us that it kikuyu allowing amelia i'm looking at the chaired right now the about it everybody's got got the people behind them.

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