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My way of alerting steve at the show has started stephen a would took him a long time to get out of here jesus you now realize there's a real show starting what is going on we we put it together for you today give me the sombor they're j there you meese and shea that's right oh yeah and brian strang candidates keys here what is i love la in the rain man i love la in the rain yes yeah youngest likes to point out it's good for the drought yeah you don't want here's the thing i understand i i guess there's out she's still a drought permanent drought have we ever not been in energy house games last year when it rained like every day for six months right then we had the dryest like summer the dryest fall the dryest whatever in so we're back to being this is just a desert we do yes yes like it's a it's a desert but we just water it like how water it a lot all right so drought good i'm glad that we're getting rain whatever all wow really bad i'm in an extremely bad mood 'cause you know tomorrow and i'm glad you guys are here but tomorrow i am left with nobody me and maybe a call from west need it's nice much where that's pretty much dr yeah it's just a gimmick that the station uses now if you're famous person hey why don't you host with us for three hours like genie did.

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