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Chief says officers and fire personnel been conducting research today at the Mike Lee Smith middle school classes related session and parents were told not to come to the school as there's no imminent threat a bomb threat yesterday at south Hadley high school prompted a lockdown today marks the second anniversary of the deadly shooting attack at parkland high school in Florida seventeen people were killed at the school on February fourteenth twenty eighteen today in Florida police arrested two people for threats on some central Florida schools the first arrest came in Daytona beach after someone posted a social media message saying that fire crackers that were set off yesterday in a school were just a rehearsal for shooting today police are saying only that somebody is in custody joining three students arrested for the fire cracker incident fire crackers that many thought were gunshots in Altamonte springs near Orlando was social media thread put a high school on lock down this morning school officials say a female student was found with a BB gun and arrested police say nobody was ever in danger Peter king CBS news Orlando for the first time China's disclosing infections of seventeen hundred medical workers infected with corrode virus cold nineteen six of those workers I say have died it's putting pressure on researchers that war rushing to develop treatments and tests KCBS reporter Holly Quan is in San Francisco the new number sick healthcare workers represents nearly four percent of overall infections in China compared to the sars outbreak when eighteen percent of medical workers got sick still the round the clock shifts the shortage of protective equipment it's a challenge right now foster city based Gilead sciences is running one of the highest profile clinical trials to treat covert nineteen started with an antiviral drug previously used to treat a ball up was injected into the first confirmed US case his symptoms improve within a day now Gillian is cranking up manufacturing of that drug even though it hasn't been FDA approved for covert nineteen use the corona virus outbreak has had an unexpected effect in California a dramatic drop in the price of lobsters a healthy lobster season combined with limited access to Chinese markets because of the virus has slashed prices in local markets and restaurants local fish market on a bright Colgate explained the situation and the impact it is having on local businesses inability to ship out to.

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