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Roeder a Plum school board member has resigned after posting what some considered to be an anti Muslim message on social media. Brian was Naski reposted a remark about Muslims in congress on Facebook. He said it was accidentally reposted and has since been deleted the school board president called the post highly insensitive. The man accused of killing eleven people at the tree of life synagogue in October is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in federal court Robert Bowers faces sixty three charges in addition to the eleven killed in the massacre. Several others were injured including six police officers. Four of whom were shot Ross park mall has presented plans for redeveloping. The former Sears space to the board of commissioners. They'll review the proposal at a public hearing tomorrow, Katie radio's Shelby cosc- has more. The plans include demolition of the Sears space to build a new. Three story building. Plus a two story standalone building president of the Ross township border Commissioner Steve Cordell tells Katie k radio what the mall wants to put in these buildings. They're talking about adding a fitness center, adding a cinema, adding other retail and restaurants. There's also talks of relocating the food court and using that location to hold local businesses. Shelby Cassese NewsRadio ten twenty. Katie k the Rachel Carson bridge will close tomorrow until next year vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be detoured onto the Andy Warhol bridge during the twenty three million dollar rehabilitation project the bridge will have three wider lanes instead of the current four when it reopened and that's expected in the summer of twenty twenty Virginia's governor says he will not step down. But as pledged to work at healing, the state's racial divide. Governor Ralph north announced that he will stay in his position during a cabinet meeting. Even as calls mount for his Lieutenant governor to resign. After two women accused Justin Fairfax of sexual assault. And after state attorney general Mark herring admitted to wearing black face at a college party in nineteen eighty the director at the center for politics at the university of Virginia. Larry Sabado, he's clearly not going anytime soon. Ralph Northam has dug in his heels. And there really is nothing to force a governor out who's willing to endure humiliation. And this one clearly is US backed Syrian forces say they have launched the final push to take back the small territory. Isis extremists still hold in eastern, Syria. CBS CBS news correspondent Charlie DEA goddess in eastern Syria near the border with Iraq in he says, the attack began only after America's allies allowed thousands of civilians to flee the men have been separated.

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