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We talk about what it meant to you. But let's talk about you know david schultz everything. That happened there your family. I mean what was it like as you thought about it from everything that you had kind of been through. Not only with him passing earlier in the year. But also for your family well. My family was everything they they they. They made me who i am. They took care of me. They train me. They fed me. they They travel with me everywhere. I mean it was crazy because my family didn't have a lot of money but they were always showed up. Every one of my events and i was traveling all over the world. So you know they never missed any of. That's my mom. Eating travel with me to france for a tournament so they were a huge part of my life. And they're the reason why i ended up being so successful and obviously dave schultz. He taught me so much about wrestling an end in life. In general dave was my coach and my mentor and i dedicate the olympics to my family and day..

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