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What gets us is crime sir because particularly during a time cova and well thanks to the legislature. Basically knocking the legs out from under law enforcement. Well yeah we've seen a crime on the rise i mean. How many times have we had that conversation with the likes of weld county. Sheriff steve rains or lamoure county. Sheriff justin smith or soon to be former a greeley police chief mark jones all decrying some of the legislation that has been put in place that bay basically instead of taking a bite. Out of crime enables crime to take a bite out of us exactly. Yeah growth migration and crime. I think goes along with both of those Would what i'm talking about. Not everybody coming in is evil. What i'm gonna. what are you saying everybody coming into. The state is criminal. Know what i'm saying is population grows law enforcement has to grow with. It has to keep up with it. And there is a movement now that and they need to derive or they need support. Yeah there's a movement now derived from politics it's rooted in politics to do the opposite cut back on law enforcement. Although some of the as as crime increases in states that have done that seems to be changing a little bit. Oh yeah funny. And a lot of those states That were on the fund. The police bandwagon have done about-face. Yeah and that's a good thing. It is definitely keith. Wineman none presidential well to in loveland. Now here's the deal. My guests is. You're looking forward to a long labor day weekend. At least i hope you are. I hope that you can get out and enjoy and put some of your worries in the rear view at least for a few days. But i would suggest you have some time. You might wanna think about those retirement years to which you might say we'll gail. I'm like decades away from retirement. Come on now. Well that means you are perfectly positioned to get that retirement plan not only made but put to work of four you because the longer you have that plan in place while the more likely you'll be able to tick off all those items on your retirement bucket list. Nowhere better to do just that. Get that plan in action than we keith. Wineman presidential wealth in loveland. And all we have to do is pick up the phone. Well two things give you a call and ask those questions. Because i know you got him quote one of my favorite movies the right stuff. Is that the deal. That's the deal that's the deal and you never change the no that's got but so the add a little bit to the deal and gail happy right. It goes to answers to questions and here is just a little bit more detail on the deal. That's exactly what you'll get what you won't get as a sales pitch and what you're likely to get is what i would do if i were you. So and how about that at nine. Seven zero seven seven six seventy five hundred level and office presidential wealth seven seven six seventy five hundred you name call over the long weekend. Question occurs in conversation with friends family. Get it on the voice mail. If you wanna call back give me your name and number. I'll give you a call back. And i will answer your question may or may not use Questions like that. On the air. Which i do all the time i get a lot of these and i absolutely love them. So your questions. you'll get answers. You will not get a sales pitch. What you will get is what i would do if i were you. Good deal keith. Whiteman presidential wealth loveline. Thanks so much. Seven forty five now northern colorado voice. One a three one thirteen ten. Kfi k. everything you need to know about northern colorado is unknown cone weekdays at nine northern colorado's voice..

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