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Wow. Oh, Well. We? We've come off so great reasons why Dwight shouldn't be apparent in the last hour. Yes, we have. Dave. Not so much because he's step kids and been part of that. Sure raising step grand Children, right? Yeah. All right. So here are some of the toxic things that parents shouldn't say. Two Children. Okay, let's see how many we've said okay. And that toxic According to who? Right? Right, Well, some millennial. Well, that's toxic. Well, these some of these things you don't want to say. You don't want to say it, but sometimes they come flowing out. I think if I haven't seen the list, but I think we quit saying things that needed to be said like, for example. If your kid is dressing up like an idiot and going to school It's in their best interests say, Hey, you look stupid. Because when you stop saying that you have what's going on right now. Please tell me this is not on the list. Dad said you're 31. You should have a job and have your own place. No, no, it's not. It's this more serious things you jerks on. And look. You want your child to keep dressing like an idiot. Yeah, pop off like that every day and see what happens and they're gonna go all really because I'm about three more just like this. You should wear still like you should wear stones T shirts to work school just like me getting to stop dressing like that. You look awesome. I love that. You know what do do they have that in my size? Cause I think I'm gonna start wearing that. And then they go like this. What? What was then for Father's Day? You get that I lose. So you liked it. I literally asked you the other day because Maggie had a journey T shirt on and the acid washed jeans also, and I was like, Okay, 1985, and I was like she was like, What do you think, and I go all it's awesome. And then I went. Wait a minute. Should I not like it? What do you need me from? As a father? Those were your clothes. It's like, Yeah, but I didn't know what to say it and I said I'm not like it because she looked disappointed that I loved it. And I was like, Oh, no, wait. I hate it. I hate it was terrible, but no, They're all dressing like it's 1985. I said, Give me one journey song, right? No, They all know him. Yeah, they listen to journey and stuff. Yeah. Does anybody cultivating the Pat Benatar? Look Uh, you'd be surprised You'd be surprised. It's all throwback. Or John Taylor from Duran Duran. Remember that hair style? All right, Here's something you shouldn't say. Say to your kids. These are toxic. I gave up everything. I loved for you. She was like Mrs Goldberg. Wow, It sounds like Beverly Goldberg so far that we can all agree That's never a good thing to say to your child. Well, if you empty out your retirement cause they won't get out of the house talking negative about the other parent then comparing you to them who? You're just like your father. That toxic or fun? You're just like your no good bum father. It's not a good thing to do. Uh, I never wanted to have kids with your dad. Brad Pitt was taken. Uh, you look way had you to give your brother someone to play with practical, tired of watching that kid, you watch him. Now, this one. I disagree with I'm not asking you to do this. It's an order. No. What's wrong with? No No, I'm not. I don't know how many millions of times I said I'm not asking. I'm telling. I'm telling you to do this. Absolutely. When you get your own house, you can make your own rules or here's another one. I kind of disagree with, OK. Give him the all the room they want. But sorry. You don't have the right to privacy. Look, you got the right to privacy. But if I pay for your phone, I get access to your damn phone. Absolutely. That's it. Ah, Here's another one. You're being so dramatic. Oh, my God. That's not good. Some people have to somebody's that toxic, well, toxic. Because you want him to be able to to express their feelings, and if they're being dramatic in their feelings, you don't want them to kind of squash that. You wanted to share. Okay. Okay, uh, some people because you look, you don't know what's going on with them and their friends. You want to know as much as possible. Uh, some people have it worse than you stop crying. That's the old Miller story. Starving kids in China. Eat that food. I'd say box it up, said ours was India. There were starving kids in India and I said, Well here, box it up, send it to exist. Starving kids in China, but one for family. Here's another one as your mother, I have to love you, but but sometimes I really don't like you. Ah, I've skated on that one. Never wants it all. Sounds like you've been any staple to me. Well, you know what? It Z part of the problem with this list and not a problem? This these are all good things not to say to your kids. But most Children today are very liberal. They're very left leg left leaning and there's been an anti American leaning on social media. Not so what everyone wants to pick on history classes in school. My kids go to schools. They teach history. They don't teach whatever that is what they're talking about. They know what happened in history, but they lean so when they pop off with that stuff, I'm sorry. It irritates the crap out of me. And I'm just like, Hey, slow down, mister. I've been around 14 years. Yeah. How many times have your sisters and your mother and your father thought, you know, I have to love you, but I don't like you right now. No, no big time. No, there's plenty of big time. No, no, no, The emotional terror that my family put on me. Well, there was so much fun. Um, they put on, you know. Yeah. Yeah, It's completely innocent. Yes, I was a kid s. Oh, uh, These are things you don't want to tell your Children if you don't want them to be end up being crazy, or like all of us. Mm hmm. It's first payment, all right. 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