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Not as a starter. Okay. I did mainly for again inflammatory purposes. But it's also because I've had one big complaint about the water bottle for the entirety of the time I've watched a WNBA. And this year she has fixed that to a certain extent with her threes. She's hitting 36% of them. Which is frankly enough for me. That's small sample size, randomness. That's going to come back down. Hey, sorry, come back down already. Like two weeks ago, she was at like 45%. I was like, I mean, I feel like we're seeing a few less of this 25 footers from her this year, isn't that might be fair, yeah. Yeah, maybe they've talked her out of that given the number of other options she has around her. You can shoot from 30 feet or you might be able to pass it to Brianna Jones for a layup under the hoop. So yeah. I think she's just been more efficient. She's been less, she does less of the reckless stuff that sometimes got her into trouble in both Phoenix and earlier in Connecticut. So I like that when you cut out something that I dislike in your game. And you play at that level. I think she belongs to the conversation. If you've read my column the last couple of weeks, you'll have seen that I've enjoyed sort of looking at the on off numbers for a lot of players. On off does not like to want a bonner. Really? This season. I mean, according to those numbers, they get a lot worse when she's on the court. They're better lineups are when she comes out and they go big with Rihanna Jones in the middle, John quell Jones, Alyssa Thomas and guards. So we're going to talk with that'll come up later later on with a couple of players as well. There's one or two that those numbers really, really don't like that will still be considered all star candidates based on production and raw numbers. Yeah, I think that's a case where the small sample size can be a really big factor, especially someone like bonnar who missed a particular set of games that started season coming back late from international. And she was like barely played with Jasmine Thomas, right? Since Thomas Thomas about coincided with bonner's return, right? Yeah, yeah, I don't think I'm not sure they play many men together, if any. No, I get you on the on off 'cause I like the on off numbers too, but I also think it is really low sample size. And also because they're kind of force feeding that lineup of with Courtney Williams kind of at the one, then bonner at the two, and then they're three bigs down low. And I think that's a bit suboptimal, even though it's their 5 best players. Maybe they figure it out at some point, but I think that maybe factoring into there. But I think it's fair. I think it's a fair point to bring up that she is not necessarily the most important part of the team doing well, especially at this point. This is one of the third to want to bond out there while we were talking about listen Thomas and EDD. Okay, so let's move on to your 5th big starters out of 6. Richard, who's your 5th big here?.

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