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Like a real bar as a real real calbar this is how it can indooroutdoor bar down wasn't like a weicker bars or use actor ask here it was actually the same bar really notice the we got there of the same bar that the barstool guys redo in there they've got round don't show that whole we oh yeah and their film you're like right next door so is this guy got into a it was he from texas or the question we have no idea no idea no he really ask about perfectly greater i mean the man had an accident right guy things happen well or was it on purpose still that they target figard's maga i'll say about our sasha okay he's a regular item sure we are single them in four of us it wasn't gonna go well for them but thankfully we saw the cop and decided to stop i like and i would like wait a minute i would like 30s now plus road to sit back down bob early third ido but come early hubbub a grown man always get your mid to late 30s but you're early thirties you can do it all by the way the patrons from the superbowl already shuttle at the two of atlanta fourman front single back geno jawad no saw it took a potent side that's what founded huckster no but sao paulo google bowl is at sort of remember that part two to already know who michael yes we are we come now to the two thousand and thirteen world series game six we were all there a our old boss not all of us were there all right michael and i were there there in our old boss tried to throw me mikey in much among out of the sweet because there was too many people too many people there really hooting one of the people there was who's a guy who is who's doing the movie a boston john travolta john director so john travolta jobs the movie that i man real removing however the movies awful battlefield earth no no it's the one about the stealing the paintings out of the museum that world tower highest wasn't tower has eddy merckx they hired me often don't they hired me to do playbyplay of of these sporting events 'cause the liver's sports going on a tv meter vase no it narrative over there they'll they'll give us in a good way it.

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