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Dr drew eight hundred two two five. Hey, your calls that number speaking to jail Lorraine political and political analyst also podcast host Mr. Trump's attempt to find a chief of staff Westwood correspondent Jim Rupe? At the bottom of hour to talk to us about a pair of nuns who embezzled substantial amount of money from southern California Catholic school to go to Las Vegas and gamble. Good times. Right now, gone out to Deanna Lorraine for the program. Thank you great to be here. So what do you think? We're looking at to fill John's Kelly's spot as chief of staff and the White House because it doesn't seem like anyone's really climb to get the job. And do you think there's even a possibility that it remains unfilled with this president and his unique leadership style? You know? I mean, I don't think that's going to happen for very long. I think that someone is probably going to either step up to the plate or have someone step up to the plate. You know, how he is? She doesn't really he doesn't really keep things open this long. And I, you know, he's not someone as well as I know Trump's that likes to be embarrassed or being a position of leaks. So the longer he keeps his position open. I fear that it could make him. Look a little bit weaker embarrassed to say he hates appearing. Like, right. I wonder if he's going to do Jimmy Carter did just say I can handle this alone and not fill the position Jimmy Carter. Did not have a chief of staff for two and a half years. You know, right now, we all be an issue of trust big time with him with Trump and his advisors, right and people in the White House have turned on him. They believed on him. There's been many instances of betrayal and his mind. And and really the fact that so he does have to choose someone really really carefully. And that's the reason why he said that he fired in many ways, I guess there were were got back him that he was being dishonest or disloyal, and I would rather have him keep the physician open longer and really find the right person. Or what you said do what Jimmy Carter dead and keep the position open and just have him do that job. He he does seem like he can play the role of many hats. And I think that it's a possibility that he can keep it for himself because he doesn't really know who to trust so much with this White House. It's a very unique one we already know he doesn't trust the media and be he tweeted out about eight hours ago. Fake news. Has it purposely wrong? Many over. Ten are vying for and wanting the White House chief of staff position, why wouldn't someone want one of the truly great and meaningful jobs in Washington. Please report news correctly. Thank you. Well, I'll tell you why they wouldn't want it because it's kind of a thankless job. And in this administration. It seems most people leave his administration bruised battered instead of raised up to a higher. Reputation. Right, right. And that's the thing. It is gotta be someone. I think in his close circle of trust not a newcomer. And he you know, it it's easy to get on from bad side. And nobody wants up vision of being called out publicly the a tweet, right? If they be doing something wrong, right? And this is a this is an unprecedented unprecedented presidency where he's done that many times before all the time. And you know, it's a very sensitive in and unique position. And they have to do it. Well, and they also have to gain his trust true. The media might be making the story a mountain out of a molehill, we won't really know until the next few days or the next few weeks will in what I have a question why not just make Jared Kushner chief of staff, I mean, obviously, he trusts Kushner and his daughter, Ivanka, and the I think that's why he put them in the places he did because he needed to people that he felt were were loyal. So I mean, it seems like Jared Kushner is. Pretty much doing the chief of staff job in the sense that he'd never had to go through John Kelly to get access to the president. So why not just make him gatekeeper? You know? Of course, there's the pretend that there's a potential for him getting accused of nepotism or already be the accusation for him working there in the first place. That's true. That's true. I guess you would have more elevated position. But we actually don't know. Maybe that's the strategy. Maybe that is the strategy to have it looked like it's it's not being filled for a while. And have this person originally turn it down just a bit. He can say and kinda feel more justified in making Jared Kushner, his chief of staff. What about basketball? Governor Christie governor Christie is my pick. What about him? Well, Jared would never let that blur. Keep saying that the bad blood between him and Jared Kushner is preventing that you agree. Possibly. Yes. Possibly, and you know, and that's the thing. That's that's why he keeps the family member so close, and it can be a good thing. And it could be it could be a negative at the same time. I personally like Chris Christie a lot. So I think you would make a great Chris chip Jeeva staff, and I think that he's very loyal to Trump. I don't think he would have to worry about leaks or any kind of disloyalty or betrayal. There. Don't you? I don't know. The there. Jared doesn't trust them. So damn having to work together. I'm not sure is very different nudes Christie and Trump. I don't think I think I think at least their styles, very similar. They think the same. But. Styles are very similar and. Yeah. They're very honest. They don't hold back punches, and they tend to kind of come from the same mindset. I think. Are the chance to share the podium with the governor Christie a couple of times in the last time. I did he unleashed somebody else that was up there in the podium, and I just went up to him afterwards. I just said I just love hanging around. You never. It's always entertaining. Always interesting and appreciate actually political on what? Yes. Yes. Did you see that? I was there. Yeah. That was fantastic. The old back. No punches though. That's what he's all about. He he has gloves off. And he doesn't care how he looks or how it's going to look, and that's what I do like about him. And it's what I like about Trump to which I think could make a great deal between them, very interesting. That's for sure are you that they'd explode. All right. Well, I I so if I if I get go ahead. Some people were also thinking about Steve Mnuchin. I don't know what you think about him or or Mick Mulvaney, even Ryan's previous. But I hope that that's not him. Because I don't think that he I I really don't think he should be back to an elevated position like that. All right. Yeah. Did you by the way, see the the? Somebody from the house or the Senate said a spirited discussion today between Shumer and Pelosi and President Trump. I did not see it yet. No. What was it about? It was spirited. There was a yelling match about the wall is the only match by the wall. And it seemed to me the and the reason I bring it up is. I don't think anything comes of it. It's out or a particularly meaningful interaction, but to my I it was political grandstanding on Trump's side to appeal to the sort of Ann Coulter Lewinsky wing of his constituencies days and Nancy Pelosi was doing her opposite thing to secure her position as speaker of the house, and I don't know what Schumer was up to they just sort of. They started yelling at each other. But is that I don't know where they accomplished anything. But I think it was more political posturing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You're right. I did see a clip of that. And and to me, it's just more of this grandstanding and posturing that they do to make their sides clear. I think it's very clear where each of them stand on it. And I think they may be headed for a government shutdown. If they don't move an inch. You know, I think that Trump has been trying to reach over the aisle, they have not. So what would we have, you know, thousands of migrants potentially coming through our border. We have to be really concerned. I mean, this is this should be a number one issue that all Americans should be concerned about right or left, which is which is what concerns me that. It's not well what? Now, Mexico has gone on the record saying they're going to invest thirty billion dollars in their southern border. That's not in their border in their countries, south of them. They're gonna actually invest economically. Correct. To try a new stem the flow of migrants headed up there. I mean, they're going to try and actually deal with the problem. You know, I mean, it's the Democrats want nothing. They're just offering much less money than the president's asking for. And they're saying we don't want a wall we want offense. I mean, I think everybody kind of has to come to terms with the idea that something has to be done. Otherwise, you know, all the symptoms of the greater problem are are going to be just as big as the problem itself. But, you know, Trump's position on this wall or this fence, you know, to his base. It's like well Mexico's gonna pay for it. Now, they're definitely not. Now, we need five billion of our money. And so the Democrats are going to try and exchange something for it. But it's not clear what has to be a fence and candy can't become concrete created what I don't care. It seems like semantics securities we want who cares. How they do it. I don't care. It could be electrified fly into the country. So agree, it's enhanced security, and you know, Democrats say will if they build a wild and people are going to go under the while. They're gonna go over there. They're gonna fly over drug. They're still gonna pour regardless, but it is a strong message. You know, it's a strong political message for our country to say, this is something that we're not tolerating anymore, and we need to put our American citizens. I even we have the the mayor of Tijuana wearing a make Tijuana great again hat. He that Trump was right? Right. And so people I think are starting to really see the consequences of embedded migration, and with you know, the huge amounts of it coming through. So I do think that all of this, you know, the migrant caravan and things like that. I think that it's only it's strengthening his base. And I do think it's strengthening actually people from the middle of the aisle thing, you know, this is just this has gone too far enough is enough. Enough is enough. Let's see what that means. I mean, if it means a government shutdown. I don't I don't I'm trying to figure out who would either benefit or lose more from a government shutdown because I you know. It's like a game of chicken. Yeah. Yeah. If someone's gonna lose and someone's going to be embarrassed. And so you know, one side is not gonna look good coming through. So I I would like to avoid a government shutdown as possible. I don't you know, it's hard to say who wins from that situation. But we will you know, time will tell ticking remind ourselves that when they say government shutdown. I it really only shuts down something like five percent of the government. Right. It's it's a particular piece. That's shutdown. I forget what's included. Yeah. Go to national national people don't get their paychecks. I mean, it's it's not trivial. If you're one of these people that but in terms of the thinking of it as government shutting down a little bit of a misnomer. Yeah. It's a little bit. It's a little bit of a misnomer for sure it's an exaggeration. And it's a very it's really more of a threat than anything. It sounds really terrible and catastrophic, but regardless it would just be I think it would say a lot. If Democrats actually gave a little bit more because it would show their constituents their side that they do care about American citizens and American safety baronets help spot now because their base is so riled up. You know, getting ready for twenty twenty. They don't wanna see any cooperation with the president. So they have kind of a tough position as well. They've put themselves in that position. Now, you know, I mean, they've put themselves they've made themselves so anti Trump, and the anti Trump that that even when something is really good for the country..

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