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Here And I'll be back just a couple of minutes with your complete forecast Okay thank you Mike and it's now 7 O four We'll anticipate a winter weather has caused some closures and delays this morning federal offices in the D.C. area opening under a two hour delayed arrive all employees who have the option of unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework In Virginia rappahannock fakir and loudon counties as well as Arlington manassas city falls church city and manassas Park City public schools are all closed Stafford and spotsylvania county public schools are also closed today They will learn virtually though Fairfax county schools are switching to remote learning There will be a two hour delay for the middle and high schoolers elementary schools start instruction at ten 30 this morning virtual instruction and fairfax county will end two hours early Prince William county public schools are going virtual but it'll be an asynchronous learning day for students while non emergency employees there can work remotely and Alexandria city public schools will have virtual learning today D.C. public schools are on a two hour delay this morning and in Maryland public schools in Queen Anne's Carol and arundel and Howard counties are closed now Montgomery county Frederick county and Washington county public schools are on a two hour delay Prince George's county schools will have virtual learning for all students at the regularly scheduled time in West Virginia Jefferson county public schools will open two hours late and don't forget whenever they are closings or delays of any kind You can find the full list anytime at WT dot com 7 O 6 and masks will stay on in loudoun county public schools That's cool district is the latest in Northern Virginia to announce it'll defy governor Glenn's executive order that allows parents to decide whether their kids will mask up The loudoun county school board voted to support the superintendent's recommendation that the school system keep its mask mandate Superintendent Scott ziegler says in a statement that masks must continue to be worn by students staff and visitors inside school buildings in order to comply with a state law passed last year but some other COVID related school rules have changed a testing requirement for student athletes has been dropped and testing and vaccination mandates for school staff have been suspended indefinitely Michelle bash news While we were told to expect it now we're seeing the number of COVID cases beginning to decline in some parts of our region In the district and Maryland case numbers dropped by more than 40% in just the last two weeks In Virginia case numbers of leveled off the number of hospitalizations is still increasing but that was expected because hospitalizations have lagged infections throughout the pandemic We've also learned that while the number of people dying from the coronavirus has increased it is still far below what the region was experiencing at this time last year Up ahead here on WTO P will take you out to Leesburg to see how road conditions are It's 7 O 7 Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's IT modernization opportunities Chris ahern the vice president of federal at smartsheet says using a collaborative work management platform has shown agencies can improve productivity in some cases by as much as 40% From a project management perspective almost every project involves multiple people multiple teams it becomes a natural bottleneck if you can't share the data in terms of what's going on Typically if I'm running a project you know I need people to review various documents and things like that I need people to approve things doing that And some of the old school legacy products if you will is difficult to do So it was really that ability to have a simpler interface and get more work done And allow people to see what you're doing And in a cloud based instance single source of truth probably a little bit overused but there's a lot of limiting to it Let smartsheet Keras off in their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of Listen to the full program at federal news network dot com Keyword innovation in government Decor if you dream of having these brands in your kitchen and now you can experience them at The Home Depot.

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