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These players. Once again, I will. It's amazing how many times I'm going to compliment you. I'm getting uncomfortable action. But all right, you are right on point. Not only is there a plan, there's a product and you know where there's a plan. There's always a product with Jerry. There is there's always a product with every plan. Sure. Well, I've been talking with government forces from Mexico to Iceland, and we've been working on something. It's really special. I think it's one of the most special things I've seen. Frankly, since Gatorade. It's called Jared. Use Jerry Juice. Yes. Yeah, it is. Uh, yeah, we only accept It's I was going to call it magenta, but the majority of people of what Jenna is not a bad plan right there, Right. Well, we're going to figure that out in court. Maybe you'll go back to them. But nonetheless, it's a fully effective I mean, and we're talking 100 and 10% applicants. See, that's not only against Colvin. It also takes care of, uh You know, tummy aches and those kinds of problems. Minor headache. Ural. It's kind of it's kind of a cure. Oh, okay, good. Now. Now. Now, listen. Now let me just qualify. Don't want to expose myself to liability here. But please will tell you that those results are based on tests testing things that I've done with my own son. Only you're only testing on your own. That's the whole control group is your testing on Jerry Junior and your other sons? Yes, that's true. Well, I've been a little bit been little lighter on Steve enough. I know Jerry Jr is, Um, He's just got a little bit of a thicker skull and and big bones. He's got big bones he does. We're not as scared of giving him a little bit extra. Okay, So whatever happens, you're experimenting your new vaccine called Jerry juice, berry juice on your kids, and you say it's got 110% efficacy. That's right, because both of my sons so far are 100% fine, Excluding some factors that are congenital didn't have overdue really more or was there more on genius said Wow. You're going to put that on them. Okay, so And when will this product be ready to go to market? And is this the type of thing that you said to call Beasley come on back play with the Cowboys. I'll give you a little bit of Jerry juice and you'll be fine. That's exactly it. And and again. I'm not to be rude. I'm gonna side step. You guys were just one moment. Cole. You know that when you came over and metaphorically sat on my lap cold kind of now I'm back to you guys. He's kind of a diminutive fellow. He is a small guy when you sat on my lap three or four Christmases ago, I said, Dude, I said to you, you're You're my You're my true son. Uh, With your golden locks senior and you're surprisingly long strides in your They are surprising your larger than average size hands for a 5 10. Okay. All right, I said. I said you will. I said, you will always have a home here, and that still remains the truth. You come back to Arlington. You come back to the stadium where you were burned into this league and I will fill you with Jerry juice You will never have. This is getting really strange. This is really, really going out on a limb here. Well, that's because you guys don't understand the bond that then an owner slash father can have a With his investment, and that is I understand. Well, listen, and I hope you get a chance you know, in in the most medical way possible to fill as many people out there with Jerry juice as possible. And don't forget to get your star masks America's team star masks available. They are properly ventilated. So you don't feel like you're You're suffocating in there they have. They do have breathing holes throughout. Okay, Great. Good tonight, Jerry Jones. We appreciate you joining us every single time. Good luck to you. Don't spend all that money in one place like Oh, I don't know a Hall of Fame party. Alright. How bout them Cowboys? How bout them Cowboys? How about young gam bonus? Very, Very Jones. Thank you so much. We got a nice note. We got a nice note from Polly and indie. Hey, Moron. Bro's seven and nine is not possible in the 17 game schedule. Uh, that's a good point on your name's Paulie. Yeah, it's okay. Grown man. How about seven in 10? You're welcome. You're welcome part within them. Let's take a break. How about you go with Paul? What you updated becoming Paul? Unless you're 11 years old. All right, let's take a sports break. We're going to send it over to our friend Rich Ackerman. Taken away.

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