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Being the least penalized team in the league in 2020, the Patriots came out in their season opener and committed eight penalties for 84 yards, negating some big plays in the process. Head coach Bill Belichick was asked today about the lack of discipline in the end, It's too many the ones that are easily preventable. We need to prevent football's a fast game. You know, Sometimes things happen in a close calls and That's what it is. But as much as we can obviously play within the rules and not commit unforced errors. That's what we always try to do. And Eduardo Rodriguez gets the start for the Red Sox tonight when they take on the Mariners at 10 10. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, 5 43 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We've got challenges on the turnpike, Michael Yeah. Big challenge on the pike. You're right about that, Ben. Yeah, The westbound pike is just awful. You don't want to get stuck in this It is. Stop and go. 2.5, Miles south burrow out to Westborough. It's a roll over in the high speed lane right at 4. 95 can't be in a much worse spot on the pike. But then we've got delays farther out here. Not to be outdone, the pike is locked up almost three miles through Auburn. Yeah, with what's left of a truck on fire at 2 90. The right lanes are taken there. So one problem after the next with the Mass Turnpike today. Up north. Let's check out Route one as we turn to the Needham Bank traffic copter. Like It was a bit earlier this afternoon that everything was fine on Route one North north down, getting by route 60 and revere. That's because a bunch of people were hung out back at the Tobin Bridge behind a breakdown. That's what I'm gon. So now there is a backup getting by route 60. After that, though, it's not too bad until you get up around the Linfield Tunnel. Kristen AC and the need of bank copter. It's really bad on 1 28 South Danvers into Peabody. Now it's like this anyways, but Now we're crash at Lowell Street is making things worse. No, um 28 is backed up there to curiosity. Of course. 93 North Tough assembly square up through Medford 15 minutes for that Go and then you're in it from desk, Um, Road up to 4 95 from an earlier crash up there. The expressway South. Hardly moving at all from the tunnel down through seven hill. You're back in it before Furnace Brook Parkway. Uh, let's see what else should I mention? 24? 95 south. They're both tough getting by 4 95 my.

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