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Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven. Good morning. Thank you for tuning in. I'm Mark Christopher. Of course. We'll keep an eye on the viaduct sure with the permanent closure now. And it'll be three weeks for hearing February fourth before the tunnel is ready for a regular commute. Now, if you need to get to downtown Seattle, and you're wondering how the closure is going to affect you. You're not alone. Komo's Fong tested different ways to get to. Let's say Seattle center from three different neighborhoods. So here we are in Burien. Let's say you live right beside the beer community center. And you want to get to work after the vita closest we want to get to KOMO news. So I'm news, Google maps. Google maps says it's usually a twenty one minute drive, but we want to take the bus so taking the bus you take bus one twenty hop on bus. And then walk for five minutes. Usually that's about an hour and six minutes on a good day. Let's walk. What's great about taking the bus is that you can just chill. You can read a buck. You can read your emails plan for your day. And you don't have to worry about driving sworn the traffic. Take the one twenty one twenty five making chrome will be making the commute to work in downtown Seattle from Burien next Monday. Religious increase my time by about two hours now for another commute. Let's say you live in green lake near the PCC. We want to take the bus to KOMO news near Seattle center. So this time let's use a one bus away phone app. So that's my bus stop right there. Bus twenty six I wanna take that downtown to Aurora Denny. And then it's a five minute walk Tacoma apply. Some people plan on getting to downtown by bike. And that includes green lake resident, Tracy lake I go Greenwood era Fremont on the bike lanes over the Finney Finney into Ballard Ballard across the Fremont bridge. I switch over to Dexter from west Seattle to downtown. We're going to leave her cart Seacrest park where the water tax either. Take the water taxi across Elliott bay from there. We're going to hop on the free Seattle waterfront shuttle, stop is Sheraton hotel. The shuttle goes through downtown and heads towards Seattle center. Lucky for us. It stops right by komo's plaza twelve bus wrestle change their path. Footing bus that took to get here from you can expect delays for maybe up to our so long planned for that font. And if it helps you for ferry commuters from Bainbridge in Bremerton for right now in for a while, you're okay when you get to Seattle to go underneath the viaduct. Most of those streets will remain open. It's not just a permanent taking a left or a right on Alaska way, you have many options for now. Of course, KOMO news with updates every ten minutes on the fours with AAA traffic. And by all means get to our website for all kinds of help there at komonews dot com. Now, your propel insurance money and business update. The stock markets have gone from worst to best two thousand eighteen was the worst year for stock since two thousand eight and now two thousand nineteen is off to the best start since two thousand six however, the years less than two weeks old the thirty stock. Dow ended Friday just six points lower but posted a gain of five hundred sixty two points for the week closing at twenty three nine ninety six the s&p five hundred into the week with a two and a half percent gain about sixty five points to twenty five ninety six and the NASDAQ soared more than three and a half percent for the week ten year. US treasury yields crept up from two point six seven percent on Monday to two point seven percent to close Friday and crude oil prices rose on Saudi Arabia's pledged to cut oil production, even further US crude rose more than seven percent to close the week at fifty one dollars and seventy cents a barrel. I'm Don MacDonald. Komo news. Patriots..

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