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And our Adrian wards ask reports that the NBA will consider whether Cavs guard JR Smith public acknowledgment Thursday that he wants to be traded constitutes a final offense under the terms of collective bargaining agreement. Man JR Smith God God love him. But this is the most JR Smith outcome of this event possible. I call it. A lot of the bad portions of his Cavaliers tenure Knicks JR Smith finding his way back into the light the New York Knicks JR Smith that so many people lamented and when him to Maan Shumpert were dealt on their way out to the Cavs people said, good riddance, and then had to watch them. Both get a championship ring, which I'm sure was great for everyone in New York to watch and process and take in there, but for JR Smith, it was a lot of talk about his rehabilitation of an image going from DM slider to a father and a husband and a guy who who seemed to have a little bit more together. Than the wild child. We had seen in the past. But now it's become a much different situation and one that our own stand Van Gundy talked about yesterday was sage Steele on sportscenter. Well, I think I got to come together. They've got to come together ownership and Kobe open and decide on direction and where they're going. They decided they weren't gonna play their veteran guys then Tyler Plato now they've made a coaching change. I mean, this thing is in total disarray. And you gotta decide what are you going to do with JR Smith? What are you going to do with Kyle Korver? And then are you building around Kevin love or you breaking it down starting over. I think for all of us who watch the league there's a lot of confusion. Nobody knows what they're trying to accomplish here. And they've got to be very clear on that before they go anywhere else. I last year on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. JR Smith is fifteenth years thirty three.

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