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Andre dollar short slow dribble coaching the three point line gives it to train on during fights curry off the cuts drives behind the packs were wide open. Green back to the relocated pops out. No good. Now was three quarters of the way down thirty five seconds to go in the first Williams. Triple try not there rebounded by Golden State. Another one and done when he passes the ball. He's rung so hard to get to a spot that he's open you want to relax right when you're guarding somebody, and they passed it you feel like you can relax now with him note. You got no chance at a nearly made pay last time. Here's curry fouled. Flowed. Are no good online fell off the rim and two more free throws for the warriors. And Steph curry looking for his tenth and eleven point to the first quarter with seventeen seconds to go in the firm, your first inclination, you're guarding somebody that they pass the ball. Is that you relax. And then you look where the put were the ball goes. If you do that with him. He's going to get open someone he does not stop. He won't so hard after he gets rid of the basketball. It's amazing and that shot popped in and out. He's only two five and one of four from downtown. But he does at ten points here in the first it's the first two in early seems like he goes to those points the. Pori was relocate. Absolutely. And he could maybe get a little rub screened from somebody that doesn't even know there's the screen right easy. So smart find an area that he'll run the defendant into somebody three. It's both. He's got eleven largely for the warriors right now at ten thirty three twenty three shot clock off vinyl south of the clippers looking for any momentum late. I here's a pass at temple hill. Sukhum eighteenth straight on with four and a half to go the kids the warriors for nearly there's curry at half court curry being held at half passes off the Draymond green shot. No good attempted from about forty five feet. Nice job Blixen curry, not letting him beat them into court, and maybe do that at a resort. Thirty three twenty five eleven for Steph curry and the warriors store fifteen points at the free throw line in the opening quarter of game to and twelve minutes..

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