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Today the atlanta braves loss but they are no longer in first place in the national league east the mets are three games behind atlanta that's still the case the mets they'll have fallen to three and a half games out of first because the phillies have taken over more on them in a moment but it was atlanta falling out of first today beaten by boston eight to six stephen wright the knuckleballer got the winning relief over sam freeman craig kimbrel to save dan's be swanson at a homer for the braves andrew benintendi for the red sox boston has the best record of all time in interleague play they've won nine straight games against national league teams they have a five ninety seven winning percentage and interleague play since it started in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven that's the best in baseball benintendi has been hot four homers in his last ten games with a four hundred batting average and with the loss atlanta losing the first two at fenway they are now in second place in the nfl east that's because the philadelphia phillies have reached the top of the division for the first time since the end of the two thousand eleven season this late in the year phillies one two two one over the blue jays sir anthony dominguez gets the winning relief the first of his big league career a genie the loss luis garcia saved it aaron nola had a no hitter through six and two thirds innings in this game the twenty fourth no hit bid that has lasted at least six innings this year that matches the entire total from last season but the phillies didn't get nola a win because they didn't have the lead until the eighth inning when nick williams hit another pinch hit home run is third already this season that's only two shy of a phillies record held by matt stairs would five in two thousand nine michael francke also hit a home run today for philadelphia so the mets three games at back of atlanta three and a half behind the phillies and now two games behind the washington nationals for third nationals beat miami today four to one justin miller over brad ziglar.

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