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Start new down all they will call me at open mic hey jerry exist this is the credit card you'll notice right to get to a place where your doom combinator now or comedy clubs and so mrs her the phone rang before so many call for your holy shit hbo called beautifully former it must have got my tape some where this is way before you to play and that was the la tapes a man who you are going to the fucking folias welcome discover card asking for the forty four 95 real life is way break all mad they're calling me at my place of fucking business they're just embarrassment from a club older that you get lost cost the chicken them all wendy wendy fir that when the when the would tell me joey krever coffee embarrassing a was she might me meese she overlook the i have those crackers big pay those people to hunt down and then they just call all day they are the tremendous at the job i applaud the but they had a tame they had a pool more together because these guys are vicious oh yeah they are they do a share their vicious and that's the job of they keep zone the paper over and over and you get a new ring mike it's funny you recall me for the ninety days you'd be relentless and if i wouldn't give you a dime a win here for you again ever and then sixty days later the phone which star rank discover all over again but now was forgive michael rikio all informed yeah i come home in the afternoon dog and debbie nine messages on my machine eight a half of more funding credit card tump yeah it was scary i gotta lot was gone i was i was there as there are member when i did the ice cube movie.

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