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On november six nineteen thirty nine david parker ray is born in bela new mexico balance little town of roughly seven thousand people thirty five miles south of albuquerque guest and just happened to have the nearest hospital i forgot the pronunciation ron please enter stand it no one outside of new mexico gives a single fuck about the pronunciation of that town there were three different conservation guys about how to say it and all three gave wildly different answers i i'm guessing all three of them were also guessing i chose to put the one out there that was listed by the encyclopedia of santa fe dot com little is known about david's parents see and nettie ray the really wasn't much affection in my childhood david would later say i was there physically but nobody paid any attention to me you know it was like like i wasn't really there at all and much of this time does come from david's firsthand accounts given in interviews he gave after being incarcerated he's he said see so wasn't abusive drunk lashed out at his wife and kids he eventually left nettie in the kids when dave ten years old after seasonal divorced nettie the decision was made to send david and peggy to live with their grandparents on a rural ranch and mountainair new mexico pre sure i nailed that pronunciation david said when i was a little kid my mother and father pond me and my sister peggy off on dolly my mother's mother who lived on a farm up in the hills near mountainair new mexico there wasn't anything to do there my dad was drunk and drifter every six months he would drop by and bring me a pile of true detective magazines when i was about ten years old i started to have these fantastic dreams raping and killing young girls and the dreams i always used a broken beer bottle on them wow not normal if you're young boy listening this episode and share that fantasy tell your parents you didn't talk to a fuck account so right now i'm a hundred percent series you don't try to fix this now there's a good chance you're going to be too fucked up to deals later so david was an abandoned young boy who felt neglected least emotionally he was clearly developing the strong hatred of women probably senator on his grandma he didn't appear to like or from other things i read maybe blamed his mom for his dad not sticking around maybe his dad constantly had horrible things to say about women maybe it was as simple as you know he was hooper sensitive and the girls at school just didn't like him and made fun of him and he started to develop some very strong revenge type sexual fantasies we we don't we don't know exactly what went on he just never said.

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