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He he already came up. Wow. I didn't even know honestly. And it'd maybe this sound bad. I didn't know at eighty they like without a tremendous amount of assistance that you could still really like get moving they do. But her I mean, it it is a hot mess. Like, literally. It's my nana's nieces ex wife, so she also in our family. It's. It's. So nanna Nonni were married and he cheated with her Nanas. Cousin's ex wife. And this would be a woman. So she's a lesbian. Nephew nephew. So it's kind of like family. Yeah. Okay. So this is my eight five five five nine one zero three five call eight five five five nine one one zero three five at the family reunion at the family barbecue, there's always that one person that one person that you're trying to avoid I got one. I got one of my. Many recipes out that they're gone. Got one. No more. Invited to nothing. But well, she's out. Trust me is stories worse than that. But who is it who is it who is at person who you're like all God. I gotta go to the family thing. And I got to see this person Paulina who is drunk aunt kind of stumbled when she feels like it drunk end. Always the answer. The uncle the one that asked me what I'm getting married and all these things out my life. And I'm like can you get a job firstly? I don't know. I wonder if. Like the drunk at that they drag showing your life together. And you're not judgmental. I'm not judgmental. Detailer just. Taylor. Meet paulina. I'm.

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