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Five without problems shouldn't even think about and i wouldn't. You know i told my i it's your choice but you should understand. You're not taking a vaccine. You're taking someone idea of what might help keith. Really quick on that we've got we get tons and tons of emails about this aspect in particular that it's an m. r. n. a vaccine or quote unquote vaccine a lot of a lot of confusion. What that means how it affects your own. Dna or does it at all can you. Can you explain that at all jerk. In ten seconds it goes into the celts. It enters into the cell and creates the spike protein. Which is what caused most of the damage in this virus. The problem is it goes into the endothelial cells of your blood vessels in creates a spike protein. That starts collecting things from your bloodstream. I'm not gonna get down into the details but can collect antigens and you can actually react to yourself. If they come out with a booster it can make it even worse and this fight protein and the way they attached it in the original krahn virus that they bio-engineered was in use of a p shuttle gene p. three shuttle gene and it was interesting because charlie played read that email the other day about the p. framework when dr fauci was asking whether it had any p. framework that was reported on in january of twenty twenty when scientists over in europe did genomic sequence of this virus and found it and they knew it was man made yet. Everyone ignored the research. I'm we went really hard after francis collins Who i don't consider to be a good person. But he's hid behind this idea of being ethical guy who runs nih and it's so funny. He testified in may of two thousand twenty said no way of knowing. If corona virus escaped from wuhan lab said quote nature created this virus and has proven once again the most effective bioterrorist. Now because these emails we know his own department knew that wasn't true his own subordinates. And he said that. Publicly as peter dasent writing that peter nasa has said that we know that it's affected bioterrorist nature. That's that's like peter speaking through them. These guys are all so corrupt keith. You're a good man. You've been right about so much and you're gonna be right about more. Dr keith. rose check out the scalpel. Podcast much. keith. You'll be saying it seem guests. Thanks thanks so much for listening everybody. If you want to get involved with turning-point usa go to t p dot com and send us your thoughts. Freedom at charlie kirk dot com..

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