Governor Andrew Cuomo, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, New York City discussed on Morning Edition


Actually tomorrow's gig Alert that live stream is happening tomorrow. This is w N Y. C. 34 degrees right now. In New York City. It's going to be sunny today. We're getting up to a high of 42 degrees tonight. Low of 33 with mostly clear skies and it will be mostly sunny tomorrow higher 44 Support for NPR comes from W. N. Y C members and from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, which aims to improve the quality of people's lives. Grant supporting child well being the environment, Medical Research and the Performing Arts and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, supporting those working towards a day when no one has to choose between paying rent, putting food on the table and protecting their health and the health of others are W J f dot or G'kar. This is morning edition on W N. Y C I'm David. First Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his first of four state of the state speeches yesterday in which he says fighting the Copa 19 pandemic. Will be his administration's top priority camera, DeWitt reports. Cuomo gave his speech from the war room in the state capital, an ornate lobby with murals memorialize ng New York's military battles, He says the number one priority in 2021 is fighting and defeating a disease that has sickened over a million New Yorkers and killed over 39,000 room is fitting. Because we are at war, a war that began.

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